Switching from Weekday to Weekend Basal Rates

I recently set-up a weekend basal rate to reflect my different eating and exercise habits on weekends. Do I have to manually switch between weekday and weekend (and then back again) every week? I looked in the manual to see if the switch was automatic, but it doesn't seem to be. It seems like an oversight.

Yes, you do have to switch manually between basal rates.

In my opinion it is not an oversight, the names attached to the basal rates are just suggestions for possible uses of different basal rates. I have all 4 basal rate profiles set up on my pump, they have no relation to the basal rate names, in fact they decrease in daily value from 12.2 units per day for #1 to 10.2 for #4, that way it is easier to remember when I need to increase or reduce the basals. I often switch several times a day, espeically after a set change when I am still discovering what absorption is like for a new site.