Weekly Dexcom summary

Dexcom added a very cool feature to their Clarity Mobile App, now every Sunday you will receive a summary of your time in range and glucose trends.


Yes! We’ve been getting them. I like the quick summary notification. Pretty cool.

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I always liked that Lifelock TV commercial about the bank robbery - YouTube

I think Steve Edelman has some valuable advice in maintaining the tight range in the diatribe article https://diatribe.org/cgm-and-time-range-what-do-diabetes-experts-think-about-goals

I"m presuming this feature isn’t going to work for us Medicare patients, eh?

I wasn’t aware, will take a look now. As you knowwww tengo mucho trabajo y poco tiempo. @Mila Will contact you in case I get lost in Clarity LOL

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It should if you upload your receiver to Clarity.

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i think i found the reports in Settings, in the Android Clarity reports app. I turned on 3 features and we’ll see what happens