Dexcom cgms apps

There are so many apps being mentioned on this forum I’m getting a bit confused what the difference between them are and when I should use one over another.

  • Dexcom g6 app
  • Clarity
  • Diasend
  • Tconnect
  • Xdrip- I believe this is an android only app. I’m using an Apple so this one may not be relevant
  • Spike- read it’s not really up to date

They seem to do the same thing but some have more bells and whistles.

What are people using and why?

I also read that some apps has the ability to ignore the expiry of the sensor. I’m not entirely sure how this works. Does that mean you don’t need to restart it?


I’m very happy with my current setup, a mixture of the G6 app, Clarity, and Follow. Part of that is simplicity.

When I started on the G6, I also started using my watch for tracking, but hated the watch face. I wanted a number in the dial, called a complication, rather than use the whole face. I tried a few apps alternatives, but they were unsatisfactory, essentially no better than the default Dexcom. With Clarity, I find the reports and the quick views, 2 day, 7 day, etc., adequate for my needs. With the Follow app, my spouse can get notifications, as well as check in on my current number.

For reference, I do not use a pump, my last A1c was 6.2, and I do not want tighter control, since every study I’ve read regarding mortality and A1c shows the best outcomes at around 6.4, and some even higher.


I use Tandem T:Connect (phone and pc), xDrip and ionic fitbit watch.

Since X2 pump is a “receiver”, I tried to upload to Clarity, but did not work. I like the reports on Clarity better.

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There are actually others, too. Tomato (I think it’s limited to Libre sensors with an automatic reader, so not applicable), SugarMate (sends text message alerts and it’s slightly more customizable than the Dexcom app), and Happy Bob are all on the play store.

I actually just installed Happy Bob, recently released on Android, and it’s really funny. You can basically pick from several different attitudes. I’m loving “snarky” Bob, they give you attitude when you’re control is imperfect. But I think it’s going to get irritating before long.


Very nice summary, @Robyn_H. We should bookmark this for the forums new tech section.

Agree! I didn’t see the summary when I read it the first time - only the happy bob response, not sure why it didn’t appear - maybe I was just blind. :woman_shrugging: Thanks @Robyn_H

To this list, I would add Tidepool from They are a third-party, not-for-profit enterprise that can upload data from a variety of CGMs, pumps, and BGMs. Like many of the other apps and web apps, they provide a variety of reports and means of looking at and understanding your data. Because they can upload data from many sources, I believe that more and more endocrinologists and health car providers are beginning to use Tidepool because they can view data from many of their patients on a single web app.

Stay safe!


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Is there an app that shows both the sensor view and the meter entry on the same chart? I’m a iOS user so xDrip is not an option.


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Actually what I wanted is the BG manual entry into my pump to show in the same graph as the cgms data without me entering it again in the app. Sugarmate doesn’t interface to my pump, only to dexcom so it only has the cgms data


Although I don’t actually upload data from my BGM, Tidepool does allow you to directly upload data from just about any BGM that has an upload capability. There is a long list of those BGMs on the website.

Of course, because I don’t use that feature, I can’t guarantee that they actually overlay both BGM and CGM data … but they at least HAVE both sets of data in one app

Here is a link to all of the devices for which Tidepool can upload data:

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I’ll add Jade to the list. Three months ago I start an X2 pump break. But I still wanted to track everything, see my CGM line real time and use a fully customizable dose calculator. I found all this using JADE. It runs $9 a month and is worth every cent. It’s a cool program. I’m using it with iOS. Not sure if there is an Android version.