Weight Control Tip

Metamucil - I love it! Dr rx’ed to compensate for iron supplement side effects, but I’ve found it alleviates constant hunger pangs in trying to keep b.s. static. Plus it tastes GOOD! (Like diluted oj). Also supposed to lower cholesterol.

Lost 15#. 6 more to go. (LCHF) Low Carb High Fiber

I have also heard a lot about Metamucil fiber supplement. From where have you ordered it?

you can get Metamucil at any drug store or Walmart

I got it from Wal-mart as Marie said.

The Brand name was $11 something, generic $5 something. Didn’t like generic initially, but now love either one. I try not to eat after 2 p.m. but sometimes I get too hungry. So I take the Metamucil. It’s been a godsend!

((@MarieB)) Such a great resource!