Weight loss for people who are in the "normal" weight category as defined by doctors...?

What is the realistic length of time to loose 15 pounds when I am currently "normal" weight already? I am 5'6" and 136 lbs, and want to be 5'6" and 120 lbs...that's about 15 lbs. Starting Atkins induction tomorrow for two weeks at 20g net carbs per day...

Ok, so let's get this straight. Your BMI is 22 and you want to lose weight so that you have a BMI of like 19.5. And the reason is?

I have no clue. Why would you do this? Studies seem to show that you have the best outcomes if you have a BMI of 25-30. So you are actually to skinny.

If you really want to set a health goal, perhaps you could get a bodyfat measurement done and see about improving your body composition. Gaining lean body mass and dropping fat both makes you look better and has better outcomes.

Just my opinion.

I'm a bit taller but have gone from 199 to 186 in about 12 weeks of working out hard (T25, plyometric, high-intensity but "only" 25 minutes/ day + running 3x/ week, occasional bike rides, etc.) and cutting calories to about 1600-1800/ day. A lot of times, I lose 5 lbs during the week but "find" 3 on the weekends due to more food, despite longer runs, etc. I agree with Brian that rather than cutting weight, try to conceive of being more broadly healthy, try a regular exercise of some sort. I had surgery in 2011 (umbilical hernia) and had to settle down but still walked the dog 3-4x/ day, nothing crazy but I think that it helped me recover pretty swiftly.

I have to echo Brian's and AR's comments.

Look at your long-term goals to be healthy and start taking steps to achieve those goals. Dieting of any sort to get to a weight target in two weeks might be dangerous in the long-term both physically and perhaps more importantly, mentally.

completely agree. my bmi is like 23 and im all muscle, so while its up there on the fatter end, i know im lots of muscle. same for the other end of the spectrum! and im pretty sure (may be wrong) that the healthy measure of it is up to 25, then its overweight?

the two weeks thing is phase one of the atkins diet, not to lose the whole thing in two weeks.

I'm 5"3" and I weigh around 125, I'm petite and I have a small frame, not tiny, but small- I feel great at this weight, even 10 pounds more I feel & look fine which people frequently tell me. So I'm not sure why you're worried about your weight? I'm sure you don't look overweight and on paper you're not. But if you want to the low carb is a good way to do it I think. Atkins is good too, my brother, who really did need to lose weight has lost weight on that around 2 lbs per week I think.

BMI is a faulty tool, it's just height and weight. I will echo Brian's comment and suggest you get a bodyfat measurement, which is a much better tool, IMO. I also think that trying to lose those last 5 pounds (or 15) sets up a vicious cycle of weight loss/gain. If you are "normal" weight, why not just be "normal" weight?

I don't want to loose weight ; am 5.7 , 140 a few pounds less or more .I recall loosing 6 pounds in 5 days at diagnosis ( 1983 ) ...at 139 I looked like a ghost ...lost muscle ...now I am happy with a bit of extra just in case and I have muscle ( weighing heavier )...and I maybe a lot older than you at 73 ??? Be well is my motto !

Just eat a healthy diet and let your body lose(or gain) weight on its own to get to its optimum body composition. This will be different for every person, so setting a goal like this may be hard to obtain if its not your optimum body composition. Granted you do need to eat a healthy balanced(and full calorie)diet. which, for me, means not necessarily low carb(100 c/day or so) but no grains or processed foods and high fat/protein.
As for BMI,its garbage in my opinion..does not account for body composition. i have always been 'overweight' on the BMI scale and get preached at every time we have our 'health review' at work. but at about 10% bf, 6' and 200 lbs, i think ill just keep doing what im doing.

That seems like a low weight for height. Body fat measurement is a much better indicator of health. I just sort of made it to normal BMI due to a high muscle mass yet my body fat is 22% which is pretty good for a woman pushing 50.