Weight Loss Retreat for T2 Women

I wanted to make you aware of a program that sounds like it could be a great opportunity for some of the members of our site. It is a week-long retreat April 19-25, 2009, developed in partnership with the Joslin Diabetes Research Center and the Harvard Medical School.

The retreat is designed to help Type 2 women learn the essential lifestyle changes that will help them live healthier. Classes include instruction in exercise/fitness, nutrition, weight loss, beating diabetes burnout, ending emotional eating, and more.

They have offered a free massage to anyone who mentions tudiabetes when they register. Also, if you book by April 9, you can save $500.

Here’s the website where you can learn more about it or sign up.

That is AWESOME! I wish I could participate…darn, not type 2…:frowning:

Thanks for your comment! Type one diabetics are invited to participate in the Living Well™ program and have done so in the past successfully. However, you diabetes must be well managed as there is no medical staff on-site. Those that are type one diabetic would need to speak with a program consultant prior to arrival.

Cool! I like to ask questions so if anyone else reads they won’t think it’s just for Type 2.:slight_smile: Thanks for posting the information…

I wish I could participate but unemployment has its foot on my neck! lolzzz