Weight Watchers anyone...or similar?

Anybody use it? Have used it? Thinking about using it?

Please provide your feedback, I am considering this program pretty seriously!

Also, anybody know of similar programs…especially for men? Although I am not opposed to sessions with women, I just think that I would be more inclined toward honesty in an all/predominately male setting.

Thanks, p

We have a group here with a discussion forum specifically for our members who use Weight Watchers.

My 50+ year old mom and my almost 30-year old self have been doing the program since April. I’ve lost 25 pounds, lowered my A1c from the 7s to 6.1, and have better post-prandials because my portion sizes make more sense now. I am a huge fan. My mom (not a diabetic, but short and heavy my whole life) has now lost over 70 pounds - over a quarter of her original body weight. I strongly recommend giving it a shot.

It’s about $40 a month for a weekly membership that includes use of their website and online tools. You can attend meetings or not, attend weigh-ins or not, buy their snacks or not, use their web tools or not. It’s all very customizable.

As for men, my husband has lost about 30 pounds on it, my friend has lost 40+, and my brother has joined the bandwagon now and lost 6 pounds in his first week. My husband also recommends the Abs Diet and a concept called “clean eating.” Our founder here, Manny, has recommended the Zone.

I say it’s wiser to stay away from the programs like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem that require you to eat their pre-packaged meals. Especially if you eat out regularly. WW just seems easy and sustainable to me.

I have used Weight Watchers since July and have lost 48 LBS, I am a big fan. I have not found a mostly female group to be a hurdle. However I will admit, that I see some things a little bit different than the rest of the group.

Rick Phillips

Thanks for sharing this information. It means so much to me…especially because there is so much inspiration to hear about your family (and the guys).

Although I have not hear of the Abs Diet, “clean eating,” or the Zone. I will check them out.

pray thee tell!

I go on and off of weight watchers and even though i may not do the meetings or stick to the point system, I find it to be a great teaching tool that relates well to eating outside of the program.

I’ve been doing WW for a few months now, and have reduced my insulin requirements by 60% and lost over 30 lbs. There are always a steady cohort of men in my home group whose contributions are always very inspiring! If there’s more than one group in your area, check them all out and find the one that fits you best.

You can ask at your local meetings if there seems to be a certain meeting that has more men than others. Go to it and see if you can buddy up with one or two.

What I like about weight watchers is that you learn to control your portion sizes and nutrition on reall food that you prepare. This way it becomes a lifestyle change that you can keep up when you have lost the weight you want to lose unlike the programs where you eat their food and then have to figure out what to eat and how much to eat on your own.

I use a bodybugg and have lost 12 lbs this past month,my husband has lost over 25.

I am currently in weight watchers and i find that it is the best weight loss plan to be on. You find how to eat healthy and still eat the things you like and lose weight at the same time. YOu learn how to eat for life. It’s not like other plans where you follow their rules until you reach your goal and then switch back to old habits.
As far as meetings, they offer many by different types of instructors at different times of day, and just try a few different ones to find one that is a good fit. At the evening meetings, I find that there are more men. In my area we even have a couple of male leaders, so check it out. I think they still have the promotion of one month free.I’ve lost 18 pounds so far and I FEEL good.
I wish you good luck on whichever plan you decide to choose!

I do weight watchers and I really enjoy it. It is slow, because the insulin has to be adjusted periodically. i have been doing WW for about 15 months and have lost 75 lbs so far. I am a believer.

rick phillips

I just joined Weight Watchers yesterday! I’ve heard nothing but positive things from people who have done it, so figured I’d give it a try.

So far it’s working well. My brain works in numbers anyway, and I already measure out all my food, so I’m not finding it a lot of extra effort. It is keeping me on track with what I’m eating, though.

I’m a type 1 on a pump and am currently trying to decide whether I should count low treatments as points. I figure on one hand it’s not like I want to eat when that happens, and it’s also not something I can usually prevent when they do happen, but on the other hand it’s still calories that are going into my body. Any other type 1s have opinions on this?

I do. I struggled with that question a lot. There were days I was giving up 8-10 points to low blood sugar treatments. In the end, I decided that that wasn’t what they had in mind because my meals weren’t able to have as many nutritious elements if I was out of points by lunch or dinner. So I sort of split the difference.

If I treated with glucose tabs, like a good girl, I didn’t count it against my points. If I ate one of their 1pt bars, I didn’t count it. If I treated with something less healthy or worth more than 2 points, I definitely counted it. Then I felt like I wasn’t depriving myself of mealtime food in order to deal with my medical needs, but I was still addressing the quality of the choice I was making for low treatments.

hey bud, i am currently on ww and it’s a pretty good plan. I have lost 4 pounds. You’re assigned points, for example you would probably get 28 per day and 35 flex points for the week. you’re not restricted from any food but you have to stay within your point range.

Call ahead and see if they have a session for men…ours did not until three men asked for it, and now they have their own little meeting during the women’s meetings. Even have a guy who is the leader.

Yes, I have been a WW’er since I was 19 ---- lost gained, lost gained…but this past time while a diabetic, I lost over 50 lbs…long story why I am not there anymore, but it wasn’t the program. You should make sure that if you do join the program, that you follow it precisely, with the additional points for men, and for diabetics. They are high on carbs, so watch that part and substitute the carb points for lower carb foods. Drink that water, and of course, exercise. Men lose quicker than women, so depending on how much you have to lose, you can do it. I f you have to sit with a bunch of women, know that the leaders will treat you like a king…lucky dude.

I have been on weight watchers off and on for about 2 years now. Lost 16lbs but put some back on recently when I fell off the wagon. I think you do have to count the points since WW advise you to count all of the calories that you consume. Although I think it is unfair since it doesn’t feel right to be punished by losing points. On days where I have suffered lows I live with the fact that I may be over for my points total for that day rather than missing lunch or dinner. Or make sure you earn some extra exercise points?
On the whole I think recording (a) makes you make the correct choices with regard to treatments for lows and (b) encourages you to eat some complex carbs for lunch or dinner to balance bs levels throughout the day and ultimately avoid lows. Easier said than done.