Weight Watchers


Great job Maureen.


Today’s achievement: Lifetime Gold Key!


Anyone joining Weight Watchers this year to get back on track?


We were on WW last year and lost some of our progress over the holiday. We’re working on it again, to get back on track.


Congrats Maureen!
I started back on 1/4 (online WW) and so far, I’m down 4.6
Goal is a ways away, but I feel like I’m on a good path.


I’m with you now. From my last WW i’ve lost 13 kg. But i need to loose… about 10 kg more. So let’s hit it! :slight_smile:


Does anyone out there have experience on the program as a Type I?


I do jgalauskas! I have been on plan on and off for the past 7 years. It is very different as a T1 but there are definitely some of us out there!


I have been on weight watchers several times in the past. I now have gained 10 or 15 lbs in the past couple of years and would like for them to go away. So I have been thinking about going back on WW.


What can you tell me about it? I was a lifetime member at 15, before this whole points system and before diabetes (among other things - husband, daughter, etc.). I’m almost 40 now and 60 pounds overweight. My sugars & eating were out of control and I felt like garbage so I joined to see if I could get my act together. I only lost 1.2 pounds in my first week, but I do feel much better so I am going to stick with it. Any words of encouragement? I saw my endo today and the best he could come up with is that it won’t be easy.


Jacki-it is hard…I agree with your doctor. Being T1 and trying to lose weight is always a challenge, especially when we have to treat lows when we don’t necessarily want to eat those calories. What I have learned is to listen to my body. I also try to do a lot of cooking on the weekends so I can always have something ready in the fridge. I also started working out more in the past few months, which, even though I haven’t been losing a ton of weight, makes me feel great. Don’t get frustrated!


Hi everyone. I’m a T1 25 yrs, been doing WW almost a year. Have lost about 10 lbs (want to lose about 15-20 more…)and been pretty consistent, but it is a bit slow going. I really love the WW lifestyle philosophy. Its got me cooking more, eating more veggies, and helping curb the emotional eating - mostly, and feeling how hungry or satisfied i really am. That alone makes it work for me.

For me - i cant touch those “35” extra points or i dont lose. I also find eating out really slows me losing - even when i think i am eating only my points - i just attribute that to so much more fat, salt and all else used in restos that you dont really know what you are eating. So i just try to get my friends/family on board with eating healthier with me - at home or healthier restos. I work out 3x week and i also dont touch activity points. i feel like i need the xercise and to only eat my daily points to make WW work for my T1 metabolism. It’s depressing sometimes when i hear other WW people talking about their extra 35, and counting carbs and Points, but i have come to accept that us T1s are different. The weeks i track, dont eat out too much, and dont get low too much :frowning: and stick to my daily points i lose. It works, but man it is a lot of work.

But dont listen to yr doc too much - yes its harder for us, but don’t let that make you feel like you can’t do it. I’d like to think we do it slower, so hopefully it will really last, and i pray that isnt just wishful thinking! Stick with it… :wink:


Thanks for the input. I am looking at it as a lifestyle change so I am hoping that I won’t get too put off by the slow weight loss. I have to admit that these points seem more like a gimic to me than a long term strategy. My previous experience with WW seemed more in tune with ADA recommendations, but it seems to work for a lot of people so maybe its just me!


Hi, I’m Patty and I joined ww 6 years ago for the third time. I said that if it didnt work this time that I was done and would just give up. I stayed with the program annd it two years but I lost 60 lbs. Many ups and downs but I made it. THEN life changes quickly. I became a empty nester and made a major move away from my comfort zone of friends and family. No more support (people always watching me to see if I would gain it back) so 2 years later, I have 30lbs back on. Found someone to join with me last summer and NOTHING happened this time. Very discouraged! Then I remembered that the last time , I was on Symlin and that maybe I needed to try that again. My insurance at the time stoped paying for it so that was that. My new Dr. and new insurance put me back on Symiln and I started using my treadmill for something other than a dust collector, and thought for sure this would be the answer. NO! Then my friend encouraged me to join one more time and I lost 6.5 lbs in 3 weeks YAY for me! Last week I stayed compleatly on program and still gained 3 lbs. BOO for me By the way i’m a type 1 and have been D for 17yrs. So this week i stoped journaling and am only counting in my head. Tomorrow is weigh in day. Im not feeling good about it.


I have also been getting very discouraged from my S-L-O-W weight loss…in almost a year I am only down about 5 lbs…BUT, my husband keeps reminding me that if I wasn’t going to WW and being held accountable, I probably would have gained 5 lbs this year if not more!


I give both you ladies (Andrea & Patty) credit for sticking with the program. I was sick with a horrible intestinal bug last week and, after not eating for days, can’t seem to get back on the plan. Now its my birthday so everyone and their uncle wants to take me out to celebrate. I was considering doing it myself in order to save the $$, but I worry that not being held accountable will be too much of a temptation. Also, I am a little put off by the lack of nutritional information on the WW recipes. Carb counts would be great!


Jackie-you should go out and celebrate! But take a look at the menu’s beforehand and plan ahead…most restaurants have their menu’s online-I almost always know what I’m going to eat before I go out (sad, but true). In regards to the carb counts, I usually cook a lot of my own food and figure out the carb counts myself. Calorieking.com is great for figuring out carbs because you can put things in by the gram or ounce or any other measurement. If you make WW recipes from the books they usually do have the carb counts as well as the points. Good luck!


Happy bday Jackie! Just do some research and then go out and enjoy. You can find everything just searching on the web - calorieking and WW sites or just googling foods you want to eat. I also love hungrygirl.com. You can sign up and she’ll email you recipes and tricks and always give carb count as well as points/cals/fat.
It was so good to read what you said Andrea - sometimes i feel like i am the only one losing sooooo SLOWLY. But I try to just keep thinking at least i am losing, not gaining. I’ve lost and kept off about 10 lbs in a year… Its great if we can all touch base here… its different as a diabetic. It makes me angry soemtimes, but it helps me feel like i can keep going reading what you guys are saying here…
Patty - Yay for you :wink: how was your weigh in?? Keep going…!


After weeks of being really frustrated (use Points to save me from Low BGs??? horrible! ), the plan is working for me, and I feel great. I hope everyone can get equal satisfaction out of this plan.


Yippee! I have lost 5 lbs. so far since I re-enrolled in WW. I re-set my ULTIMATE goal to be 10 more lbs. in 6 weeks. I turn 40 in 6 weeks (Aug. 7) so I’d love to make this goal. I am mentally prepared and feeling good physically. I lowered my daily points to 21 and have been getting in 4-7 activity points per day. Not too bad I’d say. Anyone want to join me in my quest to lose 10?