Weird Numbing Occuring Over Body

was just asked a question by a T1 friend of mine that I didn't have an answer to but I said I would pose it to everyone here to see if there was some explanation...My friend is in good control (6.9 A1c 3 weeks ago), and her fasting sugar this morning was 112...however, yesterday morning and this morning she has experienced some sudden onset of numbness after drinking her morning coffee (with only Walmart brand sugar free French Vanilla creamer added). The numbness starts on her tongue and moves to her extremities (finger tips, knee caps, ankles), and when she walks she says it is like walking in sand (feet feel very heavy)...she said that these feeling discipate over the course of the morning. Has anyone experienced this or know someone who has...just looking for some clues or ideas...Thanks

Sounds kinda like Low BG, maybe something is causing it to drop real fast. When my BG gets down in the 30's I have a numb tongue, and my arms feel like there asleep. My body just starts shutting everything down to save sugar for my brain...

And sometimes my body just lies and fools me into believing my BG is low, hundreds of Hypos have caused my body to forget how to properly respond to diffrent situations....

My wife had thyroid issues that caused these same symptoms and after they removed her thyroid she still had

these problems until they got her meds adjusted....Hi blood pressure can also cause some of these kinds of symptoms and when we get up and move in the morning our BP can be unstable.

I have similar feelings when my blood pressure is very low. In addition, I get a little dizzy when I hold my head erect, and I only feel comfortable when I'm sitting down. It usually goes away after an hour or so, and my second cup of coffee. I also have severe neuropathies, but those effects do not dissipate, they are constant. When my BP is high (which is very seldom) it's usually from a surge of adrenalin and I feel like I can take on the world.

I agree with John G because I've experienced bg droping after breakfast in the morning but symptoms are a little different. The symptoms might be different due to how long we've had D. Tell friend to test when they feel that way...always have to be suspicious when livin with D.

My tongue sometimes feels numb or tingles when my BG is low--in my case, below 50.

I agree with low diagnosis. Did she test?

However, we have concentrated on the numbness of tongue, which also happens to me. What glucose readings did she have over the morning? If I was experiencing numbness, I would be testing consistently.

Possible allergy to the artificial sweetener in the coffee???
I'm allergic to whatever they put in Crystal Light... causes tingling.

An allergy is a real possibility. I get hives from some coffee creamers.

For me, those are definitely hypo symptoms, especially if the hypo has snuck up on me during exercise.

Numb lips is the first for me, then it's my legs. And it's a weird sort of numbness... I can actually feel things, but it's funny and like it's not connected right.

Some of my lows have similar symptoms. If she is low that could be it. However, if those symptoms happen independently from a low, she should probably bring it up with her doctor. It could be a lot of different things not related to diabetes.