I feel high when I wake up but I'm fine! Why is that?

I'm in the tightest control of my life (and of course there's still room for improvement)... but I feel like my blood sugar must be skyrocketing when I wake up and I'm actually low or totally in range.

What's the deal? It's only been the case for the past few weeks, but it confuses me. Am I dehydrated? Or lacking something in my diet?

Does this happen to anyone else?

The first thing that comes to mind is age. I say that because when I was 21 I couldn't feel the highs except that they made me pee like crazy. What symptoms are you having in the mornings that make you think your high?

When I adjusted my bg from high to normal I often felt low. It could be your body just adjusting to normal bg. As Jethro asks, how do you feel in the morning ?

I completely understand your adjustment feeling. It could be a reverse of that since I have been experiencing more lows recently.

I wake up feeling dehydrated, like when I'm high. I also experience that kind of indescribable thick-blooded slowness that occurs when I'm high. I wish I could explain it in more detail,

Writing this out makes me wonder if I just need to drink more water.. because I've woken up with this feeling and been 50mg/dL, but also when I'm 130mg/dL. It's just become my morning feeling regardless of range.

On the other hand, I have woken up on occasion around 220mg/dL and felt no symptoms. It's an anomaly!

More water is always a great idea.
Consider having your thyroid checked the next time you have blood work done. I've heard that low thyroid production can be an issue for diabetics.

I felt like this when my blood pressure was high. I am only 39 but it runs in my family - not sure what age you are...

I also have this happen from time to time. It seems like it will come and go. I have no idea why it happens but I'm convinced my first sugar is going to be in the 300s and it's only like 120. But now I wonder if it's a hydration thing as well, because I also go through periods of being on top of drinking lots of water. I'd be curious if someone had an idea what this is.

I have the same feeling. I always run to my meter and test to see how things sit. I am almost always right on or low. So I am with you.