Weird reactions when others hear you have diabetes

So today I have a meeting with some folks at work and when I arrive at the building I run into a guy I’ve met and chatted with a few times. We work with mutual people often enough.

Anyway, we went through usual greetings, then he asks, “How are you feeling these days?” and I’m sure I get kind of a weird look on my face as it seemed like a strange question. I haven’t been sick or anything. I reply with something along the lines of “just fine.” He then mentions, “I understand you battle with some physical problems, but you don’t let it get you down.”

Haha. What? I just kind of nod and say “yeah” and he’s all “that’s great!” and we move on to another subject.

Working with mutual people, I can only assume my having type 1 diabetes came into a conversation somehow. Which is no big deal as I’m completely open about it, I know he was just trying to be nice, and most people I meet with for any length of time know about it. I just found his choice of wording totally out there!!! I was caught a bit off guard and didn’t even know how to respond to that. XD

Anyone else get weird comments of concern from folks when they hear about your diabetes?

Yes, Like “oh you poor thing” or “oh, you have the bad type, huh? type 1??” “oh, you better take care of yourself…my aunt/grandma/friend went blind and died from diabetes”. PEOPLE!