My Diabetes Got Attacked

This week my diabetes got attacked. In the conversation of an unrelated topic, all of a sudden I heard, “You have diabetes. You have an autoimmune disease so you are weak.” Since I’m a nanny, I’m a big fan of not interrupting people. I broke that rule: "Do not EVER talk to me about my diabetes again. You think I don’t know I have diabetes? The testing and bolusing are a constant reminder, and while I’m living my life I don’t need you looking down on me."

I may have over-reacted. But this is a person who I have tried to teach about diabetes (especially as it relates to me) over the course of the five years I have known them, and they clearly have not taken as much in as I thought. And it isn’t that I don’t want them to talk to me about diabetes, but I certainly don’t ever want to be attacked again.

Is there anyone else out there who has had a similar experience? Especially with someone who you thought knew about diabetes?

YOU GO GIRL! I don’t think you over-reacted at all…it sounds like you’ve been holding back for 5 yrs and just couldn’t take it anymore.

Since I got diagnosed 2yrs ago, I have learned that most people are very ignorant about diabetes. I’ve disengaged from many conversations. There are times I just don’t feel like correcting people or educating them, especially when they don’t want to learn anything. I don’t mind talking about diabetes or my diabetes experience… but if I think it’s going nowhere… I’m outta there. Later for those people!

Stay stong!

My best friend and I have known each other since we were 6. I was dianosed at 13 so she was there through it all. We are now almost 21 and within the last 3 years or so she has FINALLY decided to try and understand what it is I live with. Before she always just said “make sure you take care of yourself if you eat anything” or even “Amber you have diabetes you can’t have that” I always would go into a lenthy explanation of what I can and can’t have as long as I check and shoot up(thats how we refer to it). And now she has finally actually gone to some of my managment appointments and has learned how to give me my shots if I am ever in a state where I can’t.

But to be honest with you. I do not think you over-reacted. I would have done the same thing. Actually I would have probably done worse. I would of told them to leave, or if it was there home I would leave.

Yes, it’s frustrating to be called “weak.” When I gave birth I was determined to have a meds-free labor. Looking back (and because my OB pointed it out) I think it was to prove that I’m strong despite being Type 1.

ive had someone say to me “you have diabetes” i took it as a statement of fact instead of a question. so i started asking them questions on the subject. was a little worrying on what they didn’t know, but hey i dont know alot either…
i look at my health as my business until it starts to impact others

WTF? I would have just told the person to eff off. An autoimmune disease is not something that you can prevent, at least not with the current state of medical technology. Actually, I might have told them that autoimmune diseases are not preventable but that asshattery and stupidity are and that he or she ought to look to his own house.

That was really disrespectful, and out of line of them to say. Managing Diabetes is a very tiring, and burdensome ordeal… I do not fault you one bit for reacting as you did. Some people just don’t know their place; they are short minded, and lack insight, and in their minds everything is cut and dried, and simple… In a neat little package one can just put on a shelf, under some label. Do not bother yourself with these kinds of people. How they have survived this long, through life, is a mystery to me. lol

But Officer, she ran into my fist - three times!!! LOL!