Well I tried it - infusion site in left boob

I think it was here at TuDiabetes that I read about some other women trying it. I wanted to give the usual places a rest - so I went for it. Easy-Peasy. I used the comfort-detach which has a really short 90 degree metal cannula. So it doesn't go in particularly deep. There was a bit of sting when I primed the cannula, but nothing when dosing for breakfast.

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So is this kinda like what Kris Freeman did only difference being sex? I'm curious about this but I don't use a pump yet.

I think being a girl, I have a bit more "cushioning" than he has.


yeah that's why I mentioned the sex difference lol. Does this actually work ? I have only seen of it like twice now and I was never told that was possible by anyone.

AS to placement, if you were looking straight at me, the "business" end of the comfort detach is at 9:00 and the other part is at 5:00.

So far so good. It's been about 6 hours.

artwoman is a type 1 and we, as type 1's, have no choice but to take analog insulin(s), most type 1's aren't insulin resistant and don't have high cpeptide levels, we basically have none or very, very little.

Thanks Sarah I guess there has to be a benefit to type 1. And I don't think the duration of the insulin in the breast is that long nor in large quantities. I think we still want to do the rotation of sites etc... And I 'spose on the lighter side, be sure to alternate each side so we don't become "lop-sided". I would think that the PCOS risk of people with type 2 could also be at play here. Yes?

How did your site work out? Did you leave it for 3 days or did you pull it? I've been tempted to try this too, just haven't had quite enough courage yet.

today is Day 3. since I am doing a basal test for the period of 9:00 am - 6:00 pm I will wait until after 6:00 pm to change the site. Don't want anything to screw up the effort since it is 2:35 pm right now. Don't want to waste my efforts

So far so good though. I'll probably use the areas (since I have two) again.

Artwoman, I admire your courage while being a pioneer in testing new sites.
however, i doubt i ever try that, but its great to know that it woks ;)
you made me chuckle when i read that :D

Without giving out too much info, I am rather average sized in the boob dept (not too big not too little) for such an experiment. I was careful to put it where the edges of my bras wouldn't cause discomfort and that the bra would help keep in place. So it really was no big deal.

Sorry but, OMG! I have used up my "normal" sites and am trying new ones. Some good, some painful, some work.

It should be like inserting into the "flabby' part of my arm? Pain 'o meter, please Artwoman?

Fascinating. Thanks!

Anyone tried the location for a sensor?

No more pain than the initial pooping of the 90 degree cannula (and the 90- degree ones are much shorter than the angled ones. Sometimes with the angled ones I use LesPain (available from fifty/50.com or or is it 50/fifty.com) Anyway, I use the "outermost areas of the "girls" so I don't run into glands or anything. No pain whatsoever in the wearing ofr the site. So on the Pain-O-Meter I'd give it a 0 for no pain.

This is an interesting topic. as a T1 for 41 yrs I have often thought of other infusion sites (my belly is a road map) but have not had the courage as of yet.
Artwoman, did you find much difference in the absorption or the site reaction after the 3 day wear? ie was the site sore after removing the infusion set?

Speaking as mostly ignorant of the ins and outs of this, unless there is something different about breast tissue / breast adipose tissue than the rest of the body w.r.t. blood flow, I don't see why it wouldn't work -- and probably work among the best places.

Breasts and all the various tissue types therein have a lot of blood flow. So the only thing I would be cautious about is watching pre-bolus timing, and keep an eye on insulin duration of action. Both of these may be shorter from a site like that.

For example, if there were enough subcutaneous fat to effectively insert a cannula in the scalp, it would be among the fastest, most reactive sites we could use.

Unfortunately, there are various problems with having a tube strapped to your scalp, or in my case an Omnipod on my head. But still...

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Noticed anything different in how the insulin behaves? Action faster/slower? Lasts longer, not as long?

Or pretty much the same as other sites?

UPDATE. I went for the using the left "girl". So I tried the "right" girl - gotta keep things even. Again, no negative effects like pain, or ugliness when I removed the set. I did find that the insulin worked "better" but that could be because the girls were "virgin" territory. In terms of Dave's question regarding the action of the insulin, I do think it was a tad more effective, and maybe faster. But again, could be because it is brand new as an infusion site.