Well, You guys were right

Our MN state lawsuit and task force and bills seem to be coming to nothing. You all were right. :frowning:

Thanks for keeping expectations in check.

Just to keep my spirits up, I gotta hear this one again. Same old song and dance…


@mohe0001 they may be right this time, but perseverance will wear the lawmakers down over time. Being right isn’t everything. Sometimes you just gotta fight right or wrong for what you believe in. Now put up yer dukes!

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It makes me feel just terrible because those parents who lost their son have been working relentlessly. They are out every day, all over the country working for lower insulin prices. Our stupid state government does nothing. https://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/article211260394.html

NOTHING gets into the Senate this year. It just goes round and round in the House…

"HF728 (Mann) Pharmacy benefit managers licensure and regulations created, and rulemaking authorized.

HF4 (Lesch) Drug manufacturer or wholesale distributor prohibited from charging unconscionable prices for prescription drugs; Board of Pharmacy, commissioner of human services, and health plan companies required to notify the attorney general of certain prescription drug price increases; attorney general authorized to take action against drug manufacturers and wholesalers related to price increases; and civil penalties imposed.

HF485 (Howard) Pharmaceutical assistance program established, insulin assistance account in the special revenue fund established, fees and penalties established, and money appropriated.

HF1246 (Morrison) Prescription Drug Price Transparency Act established, and report required.

HF1523 (Cantrell) Commissioner of human services directed to establish prescription drug purchasing program, and program authority and eligibility requirements specified.

HF1257 (Cantrell) Prescription drug benefit transparency and disclosure required.

HF687 (Bahner) Prescription drug coverage and refills sections modified.

HF815 (Acomb) Step therapy override procedures applied to state public health care programs.

HF2009 (Cantrell) Health plan companies and commissioner of human services prohibited from requiring enrollees to follow metastatic cancer step therapy protocols.

Bills may be added or removed."

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@mohe0001 sadly unless it concerns a corporations profits our political system works more at show than meaningful legislation.

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I knew Gov. Goofy way back in the day - he would have helped I am sure.

He was one of the most decent people who ever lived.

A big thank you to all that keep this issue alive and out in the public and political eyes. Fair play always prevails but like a cure for diabetes can take decades to materialize. In the meantime keep the faith and thanks again for the time and attention all have put into this.


hehehe, is Gov Goofy supposed to mean Wellstone? I’ve never heard that before. Thats funny. Or is it Perpich? https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2008-07-27-0807260329-story.html

Never get between a corporation and its profit. It will always end in tears when they have already bought the politicians.

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Rudy Perpich - entered first grade not speaking one word of English

That link is full of a lot of nonsense - just sayin

I didn’t read it - I just googled “gov goofy” and his name popped up. Its from Chicago Tribune. You know Chicago…lol Someone from CH told me the motto is, “vote early, vote often,” lol.

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Too bad Wellstone wasn’t Gov in addition to Senator. Miss him.