We won! We won! We won!

We didn’t totally win because they settled, but I think this suit was filed c.2017. I’m freaking out! I thought this suit died, but I’ll admit that I kinda lost interest after 5 years. I googled it a year ago and thought it said we lost. I got mad and never checked up on it again.

We are badass diabetics and everyone should fear us! I really like that they used the phrase, “price gouging.”


Doctor Rajkumar from the Mayo worked on this for years.
He established all the legal reasoning that allowed them to make claims of monopoly. He’s a cancer Doc. That work has been absorbed by the Federal Trade Commission.

Minnesota was the first state to file a lawsuit like this as far as I know. I remember I had to get to computer security class, but I dropped what I was doing, put on a pair of heels and danced like a fool at the corner of University Ave & MLK Blvd, holding a sign that read, “Diabetics Love Lori.” The cops drove by and made fun of me, but I didn’t care.

Her staffers laughed so hard they invited me in. Then I went, sweating, to computer security class and pretended like nothing interesting happened that day. But then 5 years, then 6, and I kinda lost interest and decided we failed.

What the heck?!?!?! What the heck happened?


People said this was impossible. The diabetics and The State (kinda) won against a huge monopoly. It’s incredible. This lawsuit was no pleasure cruise. It’s foundational. Gotta live it up when you win because there are long periods (of decades) where all your efforts are crushed by the powers that be. Good job, Minnesota! Diabetics bring the pain and everyone should fear our lobbyists - they are hellcats sent from terrifying places to destroy everything! They rein down fire and fear!


Nah, we lost the first suit filed by the last attorney general.
This is the 2nd suit, brought by the second attn. general in 2018.

Basically, their punishment for price gouging for 20 years is that they can’t price gouge for the next 5 years…within state limits.

That’s the result of eight years off litigation. Hard to celebrate that.


Aw Geez. :roll_eyes:. So sorry!!

What was the SUITE. and WHO was it against.

It was the State of MN vs Eli Lilly. February 7, 2024 Press Release

It goes all the way back to 2018 and our previous attorney general…Minnesota AG Swanson sues pharmaceutical companies for 'deceptive' insulin price increases

Great Now if this can only be done on a Federal level against all pharmaceutical company’s

The Attny General got stomped in this case. He is in a rage and it coming back with this: June 10, 2024 Press Release

He’s bringing charges of racketeering.