Ya'll are suing our local boys

Good for you, @El_Ver! You got the right ones, naming UHG.

Their going after Express Scripts, @BradP. Those are your boys.

California is starting quite the fight.

10 years ago, you all said this would never happen. Granted, it took a very, very long time.

I sent this warning to Minneapolis…

"The medical system made me mad today. In an unrelated matter, they made a LOT of other people mad today in California. (See link.) They name our local boys down at UHG in the lawsuit. This is the 1st really big collusion lawsuit. This ones for you, UHG! Way to never give up, ya’ bastards.

The Mayo’s been helping with this…and a lot of States (including MN). MN did a lot of the PBM prep work for this (that stuff moved Federal and I lobbied last session w/ the diabetic bad asses). I was really scared the first time I saw a PBM in real life. :joy:

Our state filed the first State lawsuit against the insulin manufacturers (way back during the 1st semester of Computer Security). I went down to the Capitol before class and danced for joy on the street. The cops drove past and honked at me. The Staffers invited me inside after driving by and laughing at me. I asked the Attorney General if she was afraid, “to ■■■■ with Pharma and if she thought they might murder her.” I was scared for her personal safety. She was not afraid, but she told me that she WAS retiring after this. We took a photo together.

This is the world’s slowest chess match. When something actually happens, its super exciting. It’s totally bipartisan to hate pharma. Everyone hates pharma & insurance. It’s the great unifier - the thing on which everyone can agree. Keep your business clean, Minnesota. People are hunting for heads to put on stakes in the industry this town is built on. I’ve already headed for the hills and left the field. You don’t want to be here when the diabetics show up. They’re mad at a ‘Federal’ level."

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One of our local diabetics was texting me this morning. She’s got a husband who’s a Doc. She said watching this go down is like being a passenger on a train wreck in slow motion. That’s pretty fitting.