What 1st Pump to choose?


I've been on the pod for about a year and a half now. Like for you, the demo pod didn't even last 3 hours before I ripped it clean off. I put it on my outer thigh then ripped it right off the adhesive when I sat into my computer chair. It got caught up on the armrest and, poof. The first few go rounds with the real pod weren't much better. I ripped one off against a door frame, a couple came off during jiutitsu training, got one caught up taking my shirt off, just to name a few.

I started using Opsite Flexifit as extra security against my clumsiness and it worked really well. I saved a ton of pods with that stuff. After awhile, I just got used to moving with the pods on. I gave myself a few extra inches around doorways, was extra careful putting on a taking off clothes, and so on. Now, the only time I'll use Opsite is when I know I'm going to be abusing a pod. So, not only am I losing fewer pods through accidents, actually none in the last six months, but I've actually become less clumsy around the house.

Yeah, the Solo looks spiffy. I especially like the sleeker PDM. What I don't like is that it isn't waterproof, which is a huge plus for the Pod.

The biggy though, until they actually put it on the market, it's vaporware. If/when it comes to market, it'll be interesting if/how Insulet responds. I think they already have a leg-up with the newer, smaller, pods that should be out by the end of the year. Insulet also has a CGM integration in the pipeline.

The trouble with the Animas pump ( which I had for 5 years ) is that the housing gets cracked with use. The water proofness of it is lost. I could never use mine to swim and shower. It would leak every time and I had to replace it many times. Finally I gave up and leaned to take it off for swimming and showering. The cracking still was not fixed and I had to replace it again twice when the cracks would not allow me to lock the cartridge in place anymore.

Finally after 5 years they would not service it anymore and suggested I but new one.
I asked for a loaner to try it our because mine was having intermittent problems and they said yes but never sent one.

I switched to MM. I really like it so far, except I have an allergy to the adhesive. The screen and the look of the Ping are the only things it has that is better.

One thing to be aware about the 2 pumps is that the Mm boluses VERY SLOWLY. It takes around 30 sec to bolus 4 units. The Amimas Boluses immediately. I actually prefer the Amimas way of bolusing. I could hear it and I knew it went in.

I have no idea how the others wors, but It cant hurt to get a pod and a few trials of the others.

I just switched to the MM 523 from the 722 and it seems as if the new one boluses faster, although maybe it's the smaller diameter of the reservoir?

You should definitely talk to your endo too. Sometimes the doctors have preferences based on their experiences with other patients and can provide you with good information. My doctor showed me each one, discussed the pros and cons, and then recommended the one he felt was most reliable and durable. I didn't have to choose it, but did.

You should really consider Accu-Chek Spirit Combo- pump, too. It is available in Canada and Europe, but not yet in the US, so it does not get much reviews on Tudiabetes.

It has capacity of 315 units and a very smart full remote/bs meter. Animas Ping has capacity of 200 units. (The new Spirit Combo- pump is different from Spirit insulin pump)


I am planning to get one later this year, I chose it over Minimed ones.

I really like my Omnipod. A little transparent medical tape you can pick up at any pharmacy is a big help in keeping them on--the tape I use looks like, and is about the same size as, a Scotch tape dispenser. No tubing and waterproof are the things I especially like about it and the company that makes it is good to work with.

Just FYI - I had the same thing happen to me when I wore the demo unit. I ripped the pod right off of the adhesive in my sleep! I'm closing in on year 3 of being on the pod and I have never, ever torn an active pod off of the adhesive.

I'm not sure if they make the demo units differently, or what, but I wouldn't worry about your demo experience happening often. However, smacking the pod that is on the back of your arm on a doorjamb can cause it to go into the death whine, so you will have to learn to be a smidge more careful.

I currently have Medtronic but warranty is up and I am in the process of switching to the Ping. Should have my Ping next week. I decided to change because I spend a lot of time in the pool during the summer and the Ping is waterproof. With a 3 year old who loves to swim that was what influenced my decision.

It is not really waterproof though. I had one and it leaked almost every time.
you need to change the O rings every month, but the trouble lies in the microcracks that the housing gets. I found it easier to disconnect when I swim. I replaced my Animas pump 7 times for leaks before I gave up on swimming with it.

You are the first person I have heard that has had trouble with that. I will have to watch it closely then if I do decide to swim with it.

To be fair I had the 2020 pump, the one that came out just before the Ping.
The housing looks the same to me though.

2020 not good with the waterproof part? I was seriously considering that pump for that reason (or else its the medtronic veo)

I've read other accounts of people buying "waterproof" and having the problems that Tim mentions.

i use a ziplock baggy

The 2020 isn't available any more, the current Animas pump is the Ping. I haven't taken it swimming in a pool/ocean, but it's waterproof in the shower.

here in australia the only choices are the 2020, veo or accucheck spirit. I wish the ping was on the llist Omnipod would be awesome. But with our government? noooooooooo

If your pump is covered under warrantee then You can go ahead and try it, They will replace it for leaks. I had both the battery and the cartridge compartments leak. I would change the O rings regularly. They were very good about replacing it, if you can manage the down time. I think the seals would breakdown from the chlorine in the pool water, but the micro cracks are impossible to get around.

The Animas pumps have a hard plastic screw down for the cartridge.
IT was always a difficult choice either tighten it down so it wont leak or risk overtighten and risk the micro cracks.

If you ignore it those cracks, they will turn into a major crack.
This pump was out of warrantee so they would not fix it, I keep it as a backup.

You have to click on the photo , I think it is too large to open by itself. Notice the crack goes all the way through the bottom.

2933-AnimasPump.JPG (2.53 MB)

wow thats a nasty crack through the pump!

on the subject of cracks in pumps:
i had to have my pump replaced b/c i acquired too many cracks and i was concerned about the integrity. i don't treat it roughly. i'm not a child and when i asked medtronic about this they stated that it was not a normal complaint. however, they did replace my pump, both quickly and without any extra charges. 1 year later my new pump is strating to crack in the same areas. ????