What 1st Pump to choose?

Post us a pic. I want to see where they form because I had not seen that complaint. It was the cracking of my Animas pumps that made me want to try Minimed. The cartridges are held in differently so I thought I was not going to deal with it, I don't expect it to be waterproof anyway, and even my badly cracked Animas2020 still works even with that deep crack. My MM pump is only 2 months old so I would not expect to see anything yet.
I would like to know what to expect and keep an eye on it.

if i can post a pic i will try. i'm not computer savvy.
i can decribe them in the meantime. they run from the screen in a diagonal fashion. also, they crack along the cartrige area too. infact, it wasn't until the threaded area that holds the cartrigde in started cracking that i was convinced i needed to trade it in for another. it appears this newer pump is developing cracks in the same area. the window area where you see the insulin...from there i have diagonal cracks forming.

animas and medtronic have sent me all their info packs within 2 days of contact. Have had return phone calls from both wanting to know if i would like to set up an appnt with them to view the pump etc. Good customer service so far. Judging by the info given in the packs, animas do a loaner pump for 3 months which is handy.

I think both do loaners. I think you can get a couple of trial pods too if you want to try that, I think you should try each one and then make the decision,
It is an expensive product. My insurance only covers one pump per 5 years. The warrantee is only 4 on most pumps. You need to make the right choice for you, because you will be using it for a long time.

I will keep an eye on cracking. If my cracks at all I will be sending it back.
No sign of any trouble as of yet.

Wow! Three months to play with it is great! You could sort of arrange that around a race, see if you like it and turn it back in? I did that w/ some running shoes once. One thing I'd add, is that, in my going on 9 days w/ the Revel, is that the "predictive alerts" have been really useful running! Yesterday, I was like 85 when I got home, decided to have chocolate milk for a snack (ad w/ ironman person in MrsAcidRock's "Fitness" magazine...), got ready, tested again and was up to 120 so I figured I'd bolus a bit more and set off, ran a couple of miles, by which point the CGM caught up the meter (20 minutes later...) and hit the "High Predict" or whatever it says alarm, I decided "well, maybe there was a bit more than the 10G of carbs in the chocolate milk?" and "bolused" for the missing approx 15G of carbs and kept running and, by the time I got home, the CGM was at 90 but the rate tripped the "low predict" number and, lo and behold, it was at 72 when I got home.

I am concerned about reliability and costs but I am leaning towards the Omnipod. I have reps coming in May from Animas and Omni.

My dexcom rep just wrote me this morning that they approved my 1st pump and she is sending one; an Animas Ping was my choice. She asked me questions like size of Infusion set and if i want 3 months order of infusion and reservoir. Since i havent had one before it was difficult to provide answers to those questions.
What is your experience as an old time user?

Alot of it depends on how much fat you have and what areas you want to use it on. The more fat the longer the infusion set. I would as you rep what she would recommend for your body type.

in retrospect i feel that i need to clarify my statement here. i actually put my insulin pump in a ziplock baggy during exercise. my thinking is that it protects it from sweat and i can read the screen too.

I got an Animas Ping a week ago. I have to say, it's done wonders. Love it. I don't think i'd go back to DMI if asked and I really like having the remote and meter all in one. That is so helpful.