What a beautiful creation

So this pic popped up on Twitter last week. @MarieB what is the story behind it?



It’s painful for me to reflect on this quilt, titled “The Word in Your Hand Quilt”. If you search for that title here, you’ll find a few topics from 2011, when I made it. Here’s one that explains a lot of it, and also shows the video of Manny opening the box when I sent it out

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Caleb’s in there somewhere, but I can’t find him at the moment and I don’t remember his word!

I like the “thumbs up!”

Caleb’s was the first I made. His word was “OW”, which is brilliant. Lo, do you remember sending me outlines of your 3 kids’ handprints, which I used for most of the hand appliques?

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It’s all coming back to me! Yes - I thought I did all kids and then couldn’t figure out why since only Caleb had a “square.” So this is a NEW quilt?? I did not realize you made more than one!

no, this is the only quilt. (well, Bradford asked if I would make a single replica of his block, which I did for him). I think Caleb’s is under your former profile name @colcalli. sorry I no longer have the pictures.

Oh - the first “square.” I thought you meant the first quilt - I get it now!!! I was embarrassed I missed the release of a completely separate creation. lol

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