What a difference a year can make!

It was 2 yrs yesterday that Sophia was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. WOW!! I sure do remember that crappy day..... And how I thought we would NEVER recover.

At Sophia's 1 yr mark, I wrote a little "blog" to my fb friends about what diabetes is, how we felt when Sophia was diagnosed, all the emotions and fear we as parents, our son as a sibling, and Sophia as the Type 1 went through, what our day to day routine was like, etc.....

This year, I found myself sitting on the exam table at my new physician's office talking about being fatigued. After some discussion I said "honestly getting up at 2am every night to check my dtr's blood sugar probably really interrupts my sleep pattern and is some of the cause of my fatigue". My doctor asks "how long has your dtr been T1?". I say "almost 2 yrs. Well, actually, 2 yrs TODAY!".

It felt good that this year it wasn't a day I was "anticipating" like a birthday. Obviously the date is burned into my memory but maybe one day it won't be either.

We are settling down and becoming normal again and I like that. I think I've learned that from Sophia. She's a little ray of sunshine and I love her :)

Wow Happy Diaversary to Sophia. And yes I would definitely agree waking at 2 am is certainly disruptive to sleep patterns and can make one fatigued. But I am so happy your family is returning to normal or at least as normal as one can get given the circumstances. And I wish you and Sophia the best.

I can only imagine what you have been going through. As an adult with Type I for just over 4 years and on Insulin I know well the ups/downs of this terrible disease, but I believe an adult can handle it better than a child. To see your own child have to go through this must have been so hard for you. You have made it through two years and soon it will be 5 yrs., 10 yrs., etc., the time will fly. I read a great deal about people who have this disease for 50-60-70 plus years with this disease, many of them climb mountains, bike races, swim meets, and so much more, they do anything anyone else can do. So for little Sophia she has the whole world ahead of her and there is no limit as to what she can do. I would encourage you to get Diabetic Forecast Magazine, it is loaded with information that could be a source of help for you. Keep on doing what you are doing, your daughter is depending on you.