What a Great Day!

Today was a GREAT DAY !

My A1c is down to 7.1 from 10.6 three months ago.... Bad News is weight is up 2 pounds.

CGM was started today. Still a little confused on the timing issues of calibration but it is working.

It has been in 8 hours, No discomfort.

Great A1C – that is an incredible improvement. Tight control can lead to some weight gain unfortunately. Congratulations on the CGMS. I couldn’t live without mine. I’ve been able to get my control so tight it squeaks. Great work. Take a victory lap.

Hugs & congrats. Awesome improvement!

It’s great you finally got it down to 7.1, the last time I had it over 10 was back in 2004 now I’m keeping at 7.0 or less. But dont worry about the 2 pounds, it could be water weight.


Congrats on lowering the A1c !!

I say, cheer yourself on about the A1c drop and worry about the weight gain tomorrow. Congrats!

Great reduction of the A1c. Insulin is unfortunately a make fat drug.