What are YOU doing to help ? Just a quick note on donating to DHF

I put a link to the “Donate to DHF” page on my facebook site. You should too, if you have in any way benifited from tudiabetes.com or the Diabetes Online Community as a whole. We don’t want our community to die due to lack of funds, plus, the more money is available the more it can do.

If your question is, have I donated? The answer is, no I haven’t. I’m currently unemployed, living with my parents and stealing their food. But as soon as I get a job, I will be donating. If you can spare ten dollars, or even one dollar, please donate. If you give up your daily starbucks for a month you could donate 90 dollars. If you give up your daily diet coke you could donate 30 dollars. Come on, people. Do something good for yourself. For your community.

Have you donated? If not, why not? Is it a legitimate reason, or an excuse? If you regularly donate to ADA or JDRF or another type of D-charity, could you subtract 5 dollars from your contribution to them for this month’s fundraiser campaign for DHF? Why not? Oh and hey, there’s cool stuff you can get from tudiabetes if you donate. I totally want the tote bag. If you have a legitimate reason for not donating, could you do more to spread the word? I know I could.

Today is September 3rd. I challenge you to give something up and make at least a 5 dollar donation by the end of the month. Can you do it?

Would like to donate but like you I am also unemployed at this time. When I a job I will also make a donation. At this time all I can donate is my time

As they say, time is money!

In these hard times when people are without work sometimes finding extra to help a site that has over 10,000 members and shows that success because we are already here is difficult. I have read many stories here and would much rather know that that the money raised from donations can be used to directly put in the peoples’ hands who have no money or insurance to buy insulin. There could be a screening process for that. With the money made here from donations I think more people would be inclined to donate if insulin was bought for those who cannot.
For me there is a big difference to saving lives than a website upkeep. No disrespect at all. It is that we are in a recession and I think that there is an opporunity to save lives here. WOuldnt you choose that ?