What are your yoga challenges with a CGM?

Someone asked me this question on another group's discussion.

There are a couple of challenges for me. I need to place it in a spot where it's not being pressed on when I'm on the floor. Also, once the sensor settles in to the interstitial fluid, it's accuracy is disrupted if it moves from the spot it's settled into. Since yoga is all about stretching and twisting, it's not uncommon that a stretch will cause the sensor to temporarily move from the spot it had settled into. Another is being comfortable wearing my sensor in a spot that is visable to everyone...I'm not going to cover up in a hot yoga class. The last thing is the effect of all that sweating on the adhesive of the sensor/transmitter and finding the best way to keep it in place.

i can’t say i have a ton of challenges specifically dealing with the cgm - much more so with pump and insertion set placement. that being said, i always insert my cgm sensors in the backs of my arms, vertically, so they don’t really get in the way, and leave the abs for my pump. the sensors are always visible on the backs of the arms, but it doesn’t bother me. i think of it as something i need to have to be there safely, like water or air. occasionally people will ask what it is, but are really nice about it and amazed that something like that even exists, and it’s not bad compared to having people stare when i used to use syringes to give myself insulin… as for the sweating, i have to use extra tape (opsite flexfit) for extra hold to go through all the sweat and extra showers…

Are you able to insert it in the backs of your arms by yourself?

sorry - this didn’t make it through to me email for some reason so i didn’t see your post until now.
no, i’m not able to do it myself because of the angle. i have to have my husband insert it for me. he does it once every 2 weeks (that’s how long a sensor usually lasts me in that spot, with tape and restarting at day 7).

I’ll have to give that spot another try. I’ve had good luck getting two weeks out of them too! I find the flexfix tape works alot better than cutting a hole in an IV-3000.

I am still working on getting my insurance to cover a CGM, but I wear my OmniPod on my lower back and the only real problem I’ve found is that I cannot do happy baby! It sounds like although it’s much smaller, the CGM poses some new issues …

Do you guys wear a tubed pump and just unplug during class? Does anyone else wear an OmniPod to yoga class and have preferred sites?

Also, I’m in the habit of only bringing a few glucose tabs into the studio, as I feel weird testing in the middle of class. I’ve always just treated without testing if I felt lowish, leaving my supplies in the hallway. Does anyone else bring all of their testing supplies in?

Hi swisssoundbox and welcome! I personally am not pumping yet…holding out for the combo CGM/pump. I’ve had the same problem with lower back placement of my sensor.

I wear a CGM but always bring some glucose tabs with me. I like to transport them in a pill vial…there’s one prescription vial size that fits them perfectly. I know at what point in my practice that I tend to go low and keep a close eye on it. I am always conscious of whether my CGM is properly “trained” and, if so, I eat some glucose when I get to about 80. If it hasn’t been trained, and I don’t trust what it’s telling me, I go by how I feel. Usually, my bG will stabilize just where I expect it to, and I don’t need any glucose. But I do always have it with me.

Thanks for the welcome! Hopefully that CGM/pump combo will be out sooner rather than later!

Do you mean the plastic vial that glucose tabs sometimes come in, or something nicer looking? I usually keep my tabs in a little cloth pouch. Hopefully I’ll get that CGM soon, it would be a lot easier to just have the receiver next to my mat rather than the whole manual shebang. I usually can feel when a low is coming on during my practice and just have a tab or two and take it easy until the feeling goes away …

I buy big bottles of tabs and put them in a prescription vial that fits them. Nothing fancy. I keep my CGM receiver, tabs and water bottle off to the side of my mat. Lately though, I’ve been bringing Clif Shotbloks Electrolyte Chews. It’s a new product that are jelly-like cubes that are much more pleasant to eat than dry glucose tabs. Each has 8 gms carbs. They work fast. Good for hot yoga classes.