Do you do yoga and wear a CGM? Introduce yourself!

A support group for those of us dealing with the challenges of wearing a CGM while maintaining a yoga practice.

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great! look forward to connecting.

yes, i always bring with me at least 18g of carbs for the 90minute Bikram Yoga class…and i love the shot blocks,they are great, however they are expensive…so i have been going to the local Walgreens and buying the large sized “orange candy things”…i dont know the name of them, will look later…but they are chewy and they have sugar coated on the outside, they only cost $1 for the whole pack…i keep them in my gym back and always carry three of them with me b4 class…i set them out of sight by my water bottle and usually sit near a wall(i am not a great yogi)…and also where a pump, then every 20min, when i drink water, grab the candy…love the Bikram Yoga, and the flexibility i get

yeah, the shot blocks are pricey. I’ve got a Dex but I’m waiting for the integrated pump/CGM. The way the FDA is acting these days, it might be awhile :frowning:

yes, just went on the pump after 20+ years on MDI…the pump is much nicer because i can keep track of Insulin On Board…and also for not having to carry about of insulin with me at all times…so i definitely agree with the pump, but for me the Dexcom is the most important…especially do see what Yoga does to me, Pizza does to me, and all the other different food i eat…the Dex is nice, now i just need health insurance to help me pay for them… :frowning:

I know the pump will help me. My bg always floats up slowly over night and then starts dropping just before I wake up. I’m sure the pump helps avoid that.
Sorry about your insurance situation. That must be very difficult for you.

you are right on the money there…the pump helps avoid those issues…Lantus or Levemir, never acts 24hours in everybody…so i had to do some tricky things to get my 24 hour coverage…why u not on the pump?? it really is not as cumbersome/difficult as i imagined…i thought it would detract from my "lifestyle’, but now it has actually improved, it is so easy to connect and disconnect, and yes, it will have a “hangup” thing every once in a while, but the fact that i dont have to carry my frio bag with needle everywhere and worry about 2 insulin bottles when travelling…now it is every 4 days and sometimes 5 before i change the sites and i love it…wish i would have done it years ago…

I use a flexpen with penfills (humalog and lantus) so I don’t need to use syringes or carry insulin. It’s ok for now.

you still have to carry the insulin with you, at least the humalog, so you can eat whenever you want…do you own a frio bag? by the best $25 ever spent for carrying about insulin, totally reusable and great for hiking, camping,etc…all you have to do is wet the bag, and then for 4-5 days, not have to worry about insulin going bad…

Nope, both are pens. No refrig. needed.

not sure if i agree with that comment(please dont hate me for this), because i had a type1 carry his pen in his suit coat pocket all day long and the body temp and inside his jacket was approx 96 degrees or higher in some court rooms…and then insulin was losing its potency…yes, if the pen is left alone and just sits in your home all day, i would say yes…but you have to be careful that the pen is not getting exposed to temperature, b/c i then thought my sugar is high?? why, …so i increased my insulin dosages…so just be careful when you carry the pen out and about…dont want to see somebody else have same problems …ciao

Both the flexpen and lantus prefilled pens say no refrig necessary once they’re in use. I work from home so they are mostly just sitting around. When I go out to eat, they’re in my bag. Never gets very warm.

that is nice, i didnt want to step on ur shoes…but i had the problem of going to soccer tournaments with the girls team i coached in florida, and thought just dropping my pen in my pocket or having it sit by itself in the car…and just having heat and humitidy around all the time…was driving me crazy, this was life b4 the Dexcom…i even wear my pump in Bikram yoga 3 times a week and no problem with heat there…

Just to introduce myself to those who don't already know me. I have T1, and have been on a pump for 14 years, and CGM for about 2 years. I just started doing yoga, and am not a superstar, but what I like about it is that I don't need to be. So far, I'm just wearing baggy jeans and a t-shirt, and not having any problems. I keep my Dex monitor next to me beside the mat, and the pump stays in my pocket. I do sometimes feel the sensor, but not really a problem. I'm actually having more problems with my glasses than with my D equipment!

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I do exact same thing. pump on waist and CGM next to mat. Pump on waist band allows for easy moving it while in pocket, a little more unbalanced. I too have glasses issues. Optomitrist adjusted them few times and now they sit fine while bending, inversions, etc. Its great you have taken to the Flow!

I learned yoga. But i wont get time to do practice. Now-a-i am unable to stretch my body. Therefor regular practice is necessary. I dont know what is CGM and pump. Please explain

Just to introduce myself. I’m Cherise. October of this year will be 15 years of me having Type 1. I was diagnosed junior year of high school. I’m currently studying to become a yoga instructor but have ran into some issues with cgm placement while practicing. Hoping for some ideas on good places to place the sensor and receiver.

Hi Cherise. I wear my CGM on the top of my arm, a few inches below the shoulder. It rarely gets in my way. I keep the receiver next to my mat. Also, I make it a habit of letting instructors know about my sensor and CGM.

I am a yoga instructor. I usually keep the transmitter right next to mat while teaching. Also have a pump so always doing shfting of gadgets. Its my class so I do not worry about beeps and disruptions. I insert on abdomen and it never seems to get in the way. However, when taking a teacher training, I sometimes turn it off. If long workshop. I will check it at
a break.

Hi, I have been practicing yoga for over 20 years and did my first 200hr. teacher training about a year ago. I've had type 1 counting this month for 19 years. I wear my insulin pump on my waist. I find it easy to move around when needed. Also I have a bag that has my cgm and meter right next to my mat. I teach this way as well as practice in classes this way. I don't silence it unless I'm going into savasana and my numbers have been running a bit high. One of my yoga friends says she actually likes the familiarity of the beeps in class. And this is a contemplation for me during how can I love the beeps even when my mind thinks they are disruptive. It is never as disruptive to others as I my mind will say it is. I practice Para yoga which is a combination of classical yoga and the himilayan tradition. It can be quite demanding at times and I do experience low blood sugars from time to time in class. at these times I will sit on my mat and eat glucose tablets and begin to deep breath to calm my nervous system. This keeps me connected with the class i'm taking (not teaching).