What comes in the starter kit?

I’m considering the $199 upgrade offer just to give the omnipod a try (more than just wearing the demo pod), but I was wondering, does the starter kit come with any pods, or are those purchased separately? I haven’t met my deductible so I’d be paying out of pocket… I’m not sure I can or want to if the starter kit doesn’t include anything but the PDM and manual.

The pods are sold seperately. =/

But you do get a standalone Freestyle BG meter + 60 strips…

My starter kit only contained the manual and PDM. It didn’t come from Insulet directly, but from a preferred provider. I had been told ahead of time that it would come with 2 pods. That was back in January. I would call and find out, as that starter kit could change ingredients daily = )./

Well, considering it used to be $299 and I think came with a month’s supply (10?) pods, I’m sure they’ve changed it. I might still try it… I’m sort of undecided.

i will let you know when i open it tomorrow :slight_smile: as far as price i think the pdm is a little more now my total bill before insurance was 900 for the pdm and one month of pods (sold seperately) tune in friday or satirday for an update!

Well they have an upgrade offer if you are pumping with another company, so the price is different than if you were just going through insurance. I might give them a call tomorrow.