What Compression Sleeve Should I Get?

I like wearing my OmniPod on my upper arm, but I don't like it being visible. I went to Hibbet Sports and tried on a Nike elbow sleeve, but it didn't go up high enough.

Have any of you had any luck with upper arm sleeves? I am ready to get something that works.


I have 2 of them for working out and playing basketball and softball. Very protective against the almost certain swipe and rip off of a pod.

The previous post is definitely a good choice. If you were looking for an actual sleeve, the shooter sleeves are complete arm compression. I’m sure each company makes one (under Armour, Nike, etc.)

So far I've just been using a tall (knee high) baseball/soccer athletic sock for upper arm protection of the pod. I've cut the top tube part of it into three lengths so a pair of socks gets me 6 sleeves. Super cheap, multiple color choices, and available at any athletic store. Bonus: you get a free pair of ankle socks out of the leftovers. ;-)

My old socks are getting ratty, and I'm going to Hawaii next month and plan on spending a lot of time in the water. Since my upper arm has become go-to for both my dexcom and pod, I decided to try these to help me feel a little more secure that they wouldn't fall off in the water:


I'm going to look like I'm wearing water wings, but I plan on wearing a rash-guard shirt anyway so I don't burn too fast. The big selling point on Amazon for these things appears to be cellulite reduction, which isn't a problem I have, but they are neoprene which seem like they should do well in the ocean. I'll update on whether it was worth the $20 I dropped on them when I get back.

Looks good. I wonder if the pdm can fit in that pocket (it's probably too bulky)?

Came across this one which might be handy for dexcom users, but as the band gets narrow pretty quickly I'm not sure it woudl obscure the pod:


The Delfin arm bands actually worked pretty well for use while swimming. I used them over both the Dexcom sensor and pods. They adjust for tightness with velcro that allows a wide range of adjustment, so should work for most. They are a bit difficult to get just right on your own, so helpful to have an assistant do the fine tuning, but once on they are very secure and can stand up to a lot of water activity. The pocket isn't really big enough for the PDM - I didn't actually try since I was going in the water anyway. The pocket is stretchy, but it would be a tight squeeze. I did confirm that the Dexcom G4 will slide right in easily. Anyway, for $20, they did the job I was hoping they would - no pods or Dex sensors lost in the ocean!

I don't think any kind of compression sleeve would make the Pod less visible, just more secure. While I can appreciate you wanting to be discreet about something that is, in reality, not anyone else's business from a personal standpoint, I'm all for being able to utilize a visible Pod (or any other type of pump) as a way to educate others about Type 1 diabetes. Again, I want to emphasize that I respect your desire to make your Pod less visible.

Just remember that the Dexcom receiver is NOT waterproof. Don't learn this the hard way!

I use bands4life too! :):