Wearing POD on the arm, Bicept Band?

After knocking off more than a few pods while going threw doorways and leaning into my truck door I noticed NFL players wear them Bicept bands on their arms while playing. I was wondering if having one of them on my arm would serve to protect the pod from being pulled ajar or off. Did a Google search for them with low results. Any ideas??? wait for new smaller Pod???

Tool small. Check out my pics and go with a basketball sleeve…

I wear a tegederm when the pod is on my arm. the size i wear fits perfect over a pod and last for 3 days no problem. you can swim, bath - bang into wals and i won’t come off - I’ve tried. You can buy them here - http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000JJH3MU/ref=oss_product
If you change them every 3 days one box will last you 5 mths

I agree with Michael. I use basketball shooter sleeves to cover my pod and/or CGM and they work great. I have a pair of the shorter ones (only cover 2/3 of my arm rather than all the way down to my wrist).

This is like what I wear.

I use an generic version of Coban wraps. See my comments here: http://bewarethepenguin.blogspot.com/2011/01/my-secret-weapon-for-holding-omnipod.html

that’s what I wear too, Bradford! I swear I’ve played basketball games where nobody even noticed I was wearing a pump.

Actually Michael the size I posted fits perfect around the pod, is adhesive and once applied is basically invisible - plus you don’t have to touch it for the live of the pod you’re wearing. While I’m sure you’re sleeve works it’s a foot long piece of elastic covering your whole arm - seems kinda uncomfortable if you need something for daily use outside of sports for a few hours. But this is why we have choices - to each there own. Just trying to help a fellow pod user.