OmniPod Leg Questions

Hello all!

Long time reader, first time poster. I have a specific question about OmniPod leg placement that I don’t think has been addressed yet. I’ve been on the pod for almost 3 years now, and I’ve read all the threads about pod placement and so far all the information on here has been really helpful in getting me the best absorption I can get.

My problem that I have when I put a pod on my leg is that it gets occluded very easily, and bounces around a lot. I’m a male, pretty thin and athletic, and I always put it on the inside of my thigh, about where the seam of my pants would be. That seems to be where I have the most fat/not muscle. Anyway, it’s almost always a problem when I run, even on the elliptical, and sometimes it even becomes an issue when I’m walking. I don’t think I’ve read of any others on here with a similar problem, so I’m wondering if I’m the only one??? It seems to happen pretty much every time.

Any advice on how to place it on my legs so that this doesn’t happen as often? I already rotate the backs of my arms and on my back; abdomen doesn’t always work well for me so that’s been out for a few months.


I usually place it on the outside of my thigh, kind of where my hand would fall if I was standing up with my arms by my sides. It is a really good site for me. And if I'm working out or playing soccer, I will wear Underarmour to keep it in place.
Hope this helps!

Try some type of sports wrap, works for my son, he is very lean, but we put that around the pod and take it off after he exercises! Works great, come in different colors and you can get at most pharmacies.

I agree.... a tight under layer or wrap, as well as placing it outer thigh rather than inner.

How about applying the clear adhesive protectant covering that they use over an IV set up? You can purchase w/o prescription at a medical supply.

Thanks for the advice everyone. I put it on the outside of my thigh as suggested, and so far so good! I started the pod last night and I ran on the elliptical this morning and it seemed totally okay. I wore Under Armor over it, which definitely helped keep it in place, but in general this spot seems a lot less prone to being bounced around than the inside. I have to be a little more aware of it, but that's easy to get used to. At first I was worried about absorption or that I had hit a muscle, but it seems to be doing fine.

Thanks again!