What could this feeling mean?

hi everyone i have not been a regular on this site but I know this is the place to ask these questions and get information .

a few days ago I was feeling shaky and gittery. I didn’t and still don’t know what that means? does it mean that my sugar is too low or too high? I didn’t check it because I was out of strips and didn’t have the money to go get them from the pharmacy. but that was a couple of days ago.

saturday evening my right arm began to ache then the fingers in my hand went numb and stayed numb until monday morning. after the feeling came back into my fingers I later began to feel like I had no energy at all. I was not physically tired, I just lacked energy. it was as if my life force was draining away and all I wanted to do was lay down. when I got up to walk the dog I could not complete the walk I had to stop and rest for a while and felt weak, finally i made it home it was a very short walk but I just was drained of all energy and could do no more. I took my meds, I am only on glucophage and linosinopril, and I ate some walffles thinking maybe i need to ingest some carbs or something. then I laid down and waited for it to pass over. the feeling or weakness and tiredness has slowly left me now.

I plan to see my doctor but my appointment is not until july. I’m thinking I should make an appointment sooner or go to a walk in clinic.asap.

has anyone had this happen to them? feeling over all sense of energy drain, or a sudden numbness in the fingers and/or toes? what happened? in your case,. I have been told to take a multivitamin and calcium which I have thus far failed to do. but I will if it will help. I don’t drink milk or milk products I am allergic to milk.

I could tell you I dont’ eat sugar anymore but I’d be lying, I love the wendys frosties and at least one or twice a week will have one of their specialty coffees or shakes. I know I shouldn’t but I keep telling myself that just one won’t hurt. maybe this is my body’s way of saying," Yes just one can hurt."

so other than seeing the doctor what can any of you tell me about what i have experienced? and have any of you experienced the same?.

thanks for sharing

You need to get some medical help asap. The symptoms you describe could be a low BG or something more not even related to D. If you can get in to see your Dr. within the next day or two, ok, if not go to the clinic. You need to get a handle on this, especially the numbness.
Best wishes.

Hi Dobby!

Glad that you are active in our community again!

It’s not possible to know whether these symptoms are from high or low blood sugar or something else, but I think that these sound serious. You should go to a walk in clinic and ask them at least to measure your blood sugar (if you don’t have strips).

It’s possible that you need new treatment for your diabetes, but you need to have blood work to find out.

Is your doctor’s appointment with an endocrinologist? Could you move your appointment sooner?

In any case, I would go to a walk-in clinic today!

You should see a doc asap b4 you end up being taken there in the back of an ambulance. I also think that you should stay away from the Frosties until you know what is going on and have better control.

Dobby…as everyone said, without checking your blood sugar, you can’t be sure, but it sounds as though you were low with the jitters and high with the tired feelings. I had a Mc Flurry the other day and dosed what I thought was the proper amount of insulin. I thought to ask for the nutritional info as I was leaving the store thankfully, as the carbs were twice what I had guessed. Those ice cream treats are deadly! You are not on insulin, so cannot compensate for lots of carbs that way. If it is at all possible, get some medical advice quickly. Good luck and stay with us…there is so much info and support here. FYI…Breyers Carb Smart ice cream bars are pretty low in carbs and are delicious.