What diabetes looks like

I wanted to post this last month to “celebrate” national diabetes month but technology isn’t always my friend but with help from one of my friends here, I am hoping I can actually post a picture!

This is my three month refill each quarter. Of course this one does have my new G6 set up but still pretty much the same every three months. So much for celebrating. Although I guess I am celebrating that I can get all these tools to help with my management of my diabetes.


So Much Stuff…But wait that’s about what my stash looks like. I know you can pull it all together, I just know it.

And the main reason for this photo was training with our friend Terry, who is trying to help me with my fear of computers! So my first photo in a post was a go but still need to work on the sentences being in the right place. Like diabetes, small baby steps! And thanks Terry! First experiment was a go!


Just remember that the picture will go wherever your cursor is located at the time. If your cursor is in the middle of a sentence or paragraph that sentence or paragraph will be split to accommodate the picture.

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Thanks another thing to add to the huge computer mental box! I will keep trying with all this tech stuff. One day I will get it.


Excellent picture !!!

Nice that you have four boxes each of infusion sets and cartridges. Some people have trouble with insurance and such are only able to get three boxes per 90 days which can lead to an infusion set remaining in longer than might be ideal.

I think it is also great your boxes of syringes. Also good to remember that a syringe is your ultimate backup in case of any technology failures.

Your eight boxes of Contour Next strips is nice. You clearly still have plenty of strips to use a meter even while you are getting used to the new Dexcom cgm system.

However I find the most interesting part of your picture is your four boxes of G6 sensors. Would you mind elaborating on how you were able to get four boxes of G6 sensors (presumably for a 90-day order) rather than the more typical three boxes of G6 sensors?
EDIT: I just noticed the bottom Dexcom box looks different than the other three. I likely made an assumption they were all sensors. More probable the top three boxes are sensors and the bottom box contains the Dexcom touchscreen G6 Receiver?

Also note. I see the “t:lock” symbol on the cartridges but do not see the “t:lock” on the infusion sets. I assume the infusion sets have this symbol on one of the sides not facing the camera? Or that it is too small and I just can’t see it. On the off chance that the infusion sets do not also have the same “t:lock” symbol then this would be a serious incompatibility problem which needs to be resolved before you move forward.

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It is only 3 boxes of sensors. The bottom box is my new G6 set up with the receiver in it. And yes, the cartridges are the new ones with the shorter tubing (which I hate!) I so want the longer tubing. Had to do leg to bra sometimes.

@Sally - Just to verify, do the infusion sets have the “t:lock” symbol on the outside of the boxes?

Wow, so neat😻 you are lucky. Somehow because I did not change my cartridges as often as 3 days and changed my insets more but not always at 2 days and often left dex sensor in for 3 weeks if it was “ok” I have tons of diabetes crap everywhere, old and new cartridges, now only new insets, old tubes, new tubes, sensors, pen needles, test strips, lancets, alcohol wipes, opsite flex-fix, sensimist, ketone strips, meters, syringes etc. insulin, and eye drops in a fridge.

I have some upstairs and some downstairs and I had it pretty well organized but when tandem changed the insets and cartridges everyhjng went to hell. I have to try and reorganize it again in a better way because it is driving me crazy having to deal with all of this, one of the major headaches of D.

@Sally7 - What about the Tandem X2 Pump box?

No Tandem pump box🙁 But it was ordered on Friday 11/30 and I was told 3 to 5 days. Got it yesterday!!! I will do online training tonight and fire it up on Friday, my day off! Can’t wait! So looking forward to cutting those lows way down. I of course will keep you in mind if I have any problems as it seems like you have worked out the little kinks that are not discussed during training. Thanks!

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Just as a note, Amazon has a pretty good deal on sharps containers: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B006E4XKYY/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1

Thanks for the info. Always good to have options. I do get mine from Costco. I think this last time they were 2.97 and the just sit on the kitchen counter.