What diabetes looks like to me

I did these pages during a program at Behavioral Diabetes Institute years ago. We had to think about what our diabetes looks like for each one of us. So me, being me, took to scrapbooking! Here is what I came up with. Not sure if I can get all of them with one download so bear with me if it takes a few.


Wow, your diabetes supplies are SO organized. Iā€™m super impressed.


A little off topic here, but what is the purpose of the colorful tape you put on your infusion sets? Are you just dating them, or something?

I use post-it tabs with date I received and date it expires. I also learned the hard way to not write on boxes. Once you damage the box, you might not be able to return it. I use to write on them with marker but now the tabs work for me. I also note if a box is from a study so I can keep track on my true reorder date. A good way for me to stockpile supplies.

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