What did you do on the big day

What happens on the big day? Was your wedding, graduation, giving birth, christening, you name it, a big day? What did you do special on the big day to deal with diabetes? Did you suspend your pump? Throw out the diet? Eat the cake? Have a nasty low? Feel awful?

Recount your big day experiences here, we can all learn some tips if we all share.

Rick Phillips

I havent had a big day yet with diabetes and I wonder if things will be different or will i throw aside the rules and feel normal again.

I threw the rules out, and felt awful the next day. Yuckers!!!


I was just saying this in response to another forum post so forgive me if you’ve read this elsewhere. I got married last April. At the time I was still on MDI. I happened to mention to my dressmaker that I had diabetes and she suggested we make a little secret opening on the side (at tummy level) of my dress. She had the material overlap so you couldn’t see it, but there was a little dome which came undone so I could do my injection through it.

I did do a couple of blood tests over the night (didn’t want to keel over or sweat all through my dress from a low) but overall I drank and ate what I wanted (but I didn’t feel like dessert so didn’t have anything sweet anyway).

You can’t let D get in the way too much on these occasions is my sense. Nic :slight_smile:


What a wonderful solution. Yes I did see your post and that is what caused me to start this strand. I hope folks get some nice help from it. You know we all have big days. and I suspect we all do things A little differently depending on the day. I am interested to hear about it.


that was a good idea!

My big day is coming up in a few months with giving birth. Going to talk to my OB and get a plan of action on how they want to deal with it. I have a cgms so that might be the way to go for me to monitor while giving birth.


We will be anxious to hear how things go. Do you know if you will be having a B or G yet?


Little Girl, Whitney Nicole

Good luck Cody! Look forward to hear how you get on with it. Nic

I was in labor for about 12 hours. The nurses had me take my BGL a few times during the day and evening. When the pushing began I don’t think we ever took a BGL. I have a pump and was allowed to keep it on, some hospitals won’t let you have it. We had lots of juice and candy around. I approached it a lot like going on a long run and got my BGL on the high side before the real work began. Good luck to you!

What a great name, Good luck Cody…

What will our members be doing different for graduation?