What Did You Get For Christmas?

My brother and his wife always send me Sees Candy (chocolates) for Christmas. When they found out I was diabetic they thought long and hard. So my present arrived today–A BIG BOX OF SOURDOUGH BREAD FROM SAN FRANCISCO!!! LOL. What was your craziest present this year?

so true

Lets see it’s inbetween the pots ( I DON’T cook) and the $15 gift card at Walmart!

A set of rechargeable batteries for my digital camera. lol Talk about utilitarian. :slight_smile: Though I do appreciate it. I use the heck out of them lol

like the flashlight with batteries my dad gave me. Don’t want to trip finding my meter at 3 am ha ha

Hmm. I am glad to hear that your “See’s” experience is in the past. In the future, when people start giving you sugar-free chocolates/candies, know that they are being as thoughtful as possible. However, sugar free everything will give you gas. So, to continue to answer the question about my craziest present, I received a radio-controlled Hummer. My dogs run from it but I can’t wait to play with the children I nanny.

Good for you! I’d like to share: 1/2 tuna sndwch. on wheat with 15 green grapes after a 2 mile walk. I am so-oo-o much better when I stick to eating vegetables, incorporating fresh fruits as carbs. For example, I greatly enjoy making and baking fresh pumpkin bowls, filing them with any mixed type of grilled or steamed vegetables. Because pumpkins are no longer available to purchase, I bake what I have then freeze it. I have even gone to the point of asking my neighbors if I can have their pumpkins that are still sitting outside from Halloween. Seriously. Freaky? I don’t care. Neighbors are glad to give them to me! Waste not want not! AK.

My dad gave me one ugly wooden duck. His wife is Korean. I guess in the Korean culture, when someone is married, you give the happy couple a pair of wooden ducks. One symbolizes prosperity and the other symbolizes fertility. What do you think my dad wants to give to his single daughter, luck with fertility or prosperity?

LOL:) Thought I was the only one who slept w/ a flashflight! I use it to check my blood sugar…don’t have to get out of bed or turn on a light:) May I also recommend a head lamp! Used that when camping…and come to think of it…asked for a new one for Christmas…but, did not get one!

My brother and his girlfriend made wonderful chocolates for everyone…he handed me mine, and said…“these are for me and you”…knowing I would only try them. Oh, yes…they were good…homemade turtles, fudge, etc. I tried the solid chocolate bark and it was wonderful.

Was a very lean Christmas this year…but, I was grateful to have our whole family together for the first time in years…and we enjoyed a wonderful Christmas eve w/ meal and visiting.

Today was 3 oz chicken, a small apple, and sigh, a tiny piece of that awesome sourdough bread!! Which is better than the candy, cookie, pumpkin pie diet I had recently acquired.

No crazy things. Only food presents were a bottle of champagne which I adore. Several presents which were my favorite kind: things that indicate the person giving them actually knows who I am and didn’t just buy a bunch of generic things that could be for anyone: My niece got me a wreath because she knew I had bought a bunch of ornaments and then decided I didn’t want to go through the expense and hassle of dragging a tree home without a car…so I’d still have the lovely pine smell. My nephew knows I am a bubble bath addict and gave me a gift certificate to Bath and Body Works when I’d just run out. My friend visiting from Guatemala brought me a calendar of Guatemalan artists when I was sadly taking down 2009’s and realizing I don’t have another one. (I moved from there in July). Being seen/recognized is a special gift to me. I haven’t eaten sugar for 15 years and would be insulted if people bought me candy. On the other hand I bought my two Type 2 friends who crave chocolate the 85% kind.

Mm, mm, mm. Need I say more?!! AK>

Hmm. That’s funny as in “ha ha” and awkward. Let’s ask him, shall we?! Thanks for the input, I just learned something new! Out with the old and in with the new, right? I wonder where the future will bring me to use this newfound knowledge! AK.

LOL…I love Sour Dough. Atleast they tried to be thoughtful.

It’s like when people send you Sugar-Free chocolates. They don’t know any better. My mom is type 1 and still tries to give me SF…yuck. It doesn’t taste bad but It gives me the runs and raises my BG more than reg or dark chocolate. Does any one else have that issue?

My crazy gift was a stuffed fuzzy fox from my mommy (I’m 31).

My best gift was my own bowling ball and awesome bowling shoes with pink flames from my hubby.

when i came home for xmas there was a bag hanging from my apartment door. My landlord gave me a little box of chocolates and a card. Now i’m sure the chocolates are good, and luckily individually wrapped but… i told my landlord i was going on vacation and i wouldn’t be there… so the chocolates were the weirdest gift for sure because my i really don’t like care much for my landlord, but free chocolate is always good and the gesture was nice.

Chocolates are the key to my heart. I would like him after that.

nah i don’t like them for other reasons, but the chocolates do help. But i don’t like the idea that chocolate was sitting out there for a while in the snow. But like i said they are individually wrapped.

Yeah, I found right away that sugar substitutes can give you the trots!!

He would be my new best friend!