What do you do the most?

You bolused last at 6:30 p.m. for your dinner and at 9:00 p.m. your bgs is 91 and you feel a little gittery, grumpie, and very hungry.

Do you eat just a little to bring your bgs up a bit to go to bed?

Do you eat enough to feel better and bolus again to cover the new carbs?

Good question ! If i feel like im going down more i eat then i usually over bolus and end up low anyway . It has been easier with the CGMS bcs now I can see if Im really heading to a low or staying steady .

That is actually how I feal right now. I am probably going to eat way too much, bolus not enough, and then wake up at 3 this morning high. Lets see if I can fix that tonight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally, I’d have about 24g. of carbs and that’ll keep me through the night… But if there’s something in the fridge like a fresh peach pie (last night), I’ll have a piece of that, and bolus for the difference.

to avoid any nightime hypos - I like to be 130 when i go to bed - so i would eat a snack - 20-25 carbs for me to bring my BS up to about that range - but i would also check my BS in after 15-20 minutes to make sure it it is coming up - and then probably check thru the night just to make sure i didnt make a critcal error.

This is where CGM comes in handy - you could see the trend of falling or rising and assess how fast it is happening. For everyones sake i hope the prices come down and insurance starts to pay.

If I’m very hungry, and going to eat more than 30g of carbs, I bolus for it and eat. If I’m just wanting a snack, and it’s under 25g or so carbs, I wouldn’t need to bolus for that. If i’m not hungry, I don’t worry about it, it’s rare that I’d go low, as long as I’m above 80 and feeling steady. Though it has been known to happen occasionally!

Er, frankly, I would try not to eat any more despite the hunger and low-ish feelings and go to bed. 91 is a nice level and I always do worse when I eat late so I try not to snack at all after dinner. My basal rate is working quite well and if I went to bed with a 91 I would likely wake up pretty close to that. If I was unbearably hungry and/or couldn’t take the feelings any more, I would try to have a handful of nuts or a glass of milk and see if that would curb it enough. I would bolus a small amount for either.

I actually feel comfortable at 91 but I am not on any basal insulin so don’t go low in the night. When I am hungry but higher than I would like, or if I just don’t feel like giving myself another shot, I will have a low carb snack like a boiled egg, some cheese or nuts. At night, I like to have a whey protein shake, made with water, not milk, sometimes adding some frozen raspberries and 1/4 cup of yoghurt. That fills me up without going too high- it’s about 6 g. If I go to bed hungry I really don’t sleep well and end up having to get up in the middle of the night to eat something, usually an omelet.

Bedtime again, I feel wonderful bgs is 116, and guess what…

…I don’t feel hungry, no grumpiness, no shakiness…

…had a bedtime snack, ahhhh!!! When I know I would wake up with good bgs if I did not snack. When will I stop old NPH habits, grrr!!!

Sweet Dreams all!!!