What do you do to Stay In Motion - Be Active

I would like to get everyone involved here. One of the most important things any of us can do is Be Active every day. As we all know, exercise is one of the helping factors for preventing diabetes and/or preventing complications as a result of our diabetes. One thing for sure… it improves our lives. I am aware of complications some of us have from exercise as well. getting the lows is not fun. Share those experiences and possible solutions as well!

I do quite a bit of exercise. I use an elliptical on a regular basis and I also lift weights. My absolute favorite is to go to the lake and walk. I get a great work out from it and it helps me keep my sanity in check. It is quiet, it is beautiful and it is great exercise. So it is a stress reducer as well, another great benefit.

I have always walked, but with age, I have found walking wasn’t cutting it. Before pumping I rode my bike all the time, but then stopped because of lows, I have also stopped golfing because of lows, on NPH I would eat constantly and walk 18 holes.

For the last month I have resumed bike riding 3-4 times a week. I cut my basals way back but I still have to eat for any movement.

I don’t think I will ever be thin again, but I do feel a bit more fit from the bike riding this past month, but now I have been struggling with pneumonia and antibiotics this week, so have not done much, but Monday I am going to try again.

Don’t you love Mondays!?

Ahhhh crap ya caught me !!!, but really I wanted to finish up with my shortness of breath from this dang pneumonia, even all along I thought I was just too old to return to biking, and that was the cause of my wheezing. :wink:

I like to bike and I like to trikke see it here www.trikke.com
Its fun, fast, low impact, and aerobic…whats not to like?

Hope you are feeling better, Karen!

You seem to be a go getter Karen… keep up the spirit. I hope you are feeling better.

Hi Cathy,

Walking has helped me with my weight too. I guess giving up my mountain dews was the best thing I did, but the walking helps and keeps it maintained.

Ok Bob,

I love the trikke! What an awesome machine. I might have to put it on my wish list. I have definitely bookmarked the page. Have you been riding very long Bob?

Thank you and I do, omg, wish I knew sooner that my constant coughing and exhaustion was due to pneumonia, I was stunned as was the MD. I have been doubling my basals to compensate for the mega antibiotics, kinda scary at times.

Thanks a bunch, I am trying.

Exercise is one of the best medications we can include in our lives. I exercise every day when I can I use a treadmill.

I was diagnosed pretty recently, and even though I did some running before, I’m way more committed to it now because of the effect it has on my numbers. I also try to do some weights and crunches. I’m not on insulin (yet) so it’s really important that I try to get out and do something every day. So far so good. I’ve gone from the mid-200s to the low-100s in about 6 weeks.

Yeah, I am actually on my second one. I have replaced the wheels 3 times on my first one. I now have the t12 with the pneumatic tires and it is too much fun. Carving up the asphalt with my ipod. It is really good exercise and is pretty fast. I have probably been riding one for about 4 years. My wife got mine for Christmas for me…both times.
It’ll keep you young…Cheers

Awesome results Steve! congratulations…

I walk pretty much every night after dinner If I dont I go swimming or a bike ride just depends on the weather… I have just joined up a walking club that is held at my local shopping centre… they walk 3 mornings a week just before the shops open up we walk for about 30mins (just under 3kms) with 10mins of warmup and cool down exercises its good fun and a great way to meet new ppl


Swimming is always fun. It wears me out, lol. Making your exercise program social probably helps keep it up better. Let us know how it goes with the walking club!

i’ve done a little bit of everything over the years. i used to live in the country, so i was a walker. all my friends started taking everywhere, so i became a dancer. then i started walking again on the treadmill. i used to do yoga in the mornings with bob ross’ (the happy little tree guy) son, but 6am is not my finest hour and yoga is a lot less fun with half a pot of coffee swishing around in your belly. but it’s summer now and i’ve gotten into swimming and am doing well with that considering i used to just sink. and on rainy days i have bike pedals that i use while i sit around an watch tv. working hard to get in shape for all the winter events i’m attending.

I am SO guilty of not exercising :frowning: I work long hours … leave for work at 7:15am and don’t get home usually until 7:30pm, sometimes later. I know it’s not an excuse but I find it extremely difficult to make time to exercise. The only positive thing is that my commute consists of a lot of walking. I transfer from the railroad, to the subway to another train. Does that count? I hope so! :smiley: I do love bike riding and have from time to time done some stretching, light weights & ab exercises at home. I need to get myself into a strict routine, I just seriously lack motivation.

I run. Run, Terry, run. See Terry run.

I run every other day for at least three miles. On the days between I’m at the gym doing calisthenics, core exercises and body weight exercises (push-ups, chin-ups, hand stands). On the weekends I might be in a spinning class or a yoga class. And then on a run.

Exercise is key to my blood sugar control. I’m always fighting highs if I haven’t exercised for over 24 hours.

I can be difficult to make time to exercise, but I find it’s largely a matter of attitude. I view my exercise time as sacred - it’s not different than taking my meds as prescribed. I wouldn’t skip my insulin because I don’t have the time - same with exercise. There were two things that got me to that point - exercise according to a schedule (same time every day, same time on particular days - whatever works) and exercise even when you don’t feel like it.

My other advice is - start slow. A 15 minute walk after lunch is a good place to start.