What do you do with your strips?

After thinking about what to do with these strips in a “useful” manner I decided I would put words together every once in a while (I would say once a week but I have such a crazy schedule we will see) and post them here. I would also like to make a little video of them after a while and put it to music. So if you have enough strips sitting around to make a single inspirational word then do it with a plain background (I don’t care what color just not to busy). Send them to me and I will add them to the video (I will add your Tudiabetes name in the corner unless you want it anonymous). It is going to be a long term project so don’t be shy and send them over. If you prefer to message them directly to me for the video you can go that route also. I have no problem friending you to get the message. I think this will be a fun project. Plus it fills my down time with something constructive.

Hmmm.. wait I think it should be any word that describes your feeling or thought about diabetes. So just no offensive words but other than that send whatever word represents your current feelings about diabetes or life in general.

check this out

That is really cool… I just want words created from test strips but that was really fun to see all the art that can come from the supplies. Another cool idea for later videos I think. For now though I need one word that tells the story. Thanks for that link

very neat - always looking for 'neat' ways to use my supplies for cool art things, so i appreciate what you are doing mikeonline2821 and the link posted by marieb!!
going to start collecting up those strips ;)

Ok this one is obvious but just thought I would toss it out there.

After some very strange comments today from people asking if I am “over that diabetes thing yet?” I thought this was a good word for the week. Oh and it is my birthday today. Someone throw confetti up… wohhoooo!!