Your Used Strips are Needed for Art Project!

Hi everyone! here's my post on my blog about this:

As you all probably know by now, the illustrator of the site is my type 1 sister, Ana. She also writes posts from time to time but mostly she is super busy at James Madison University studying studio art and art education and taking an insane number of credits.

Ana needs our help for a diabetes related art project for school. She determines that she needs thousands of strips for this project. We are asking for donations of your used strips (don’t worry she’ll be working with gloves!)

Please, please, please start saving your strips and mail them to her by March 1st. Please include the amount of time that it took you to use the number of strips you are sending (a week, a month, etc).

This will be SO appreciated and can’t be done without your help. When you’re ready to mail email me at and I’ll send you her mailing address.

Once Ana receives your strips we’ll be entering you into a running for a special prize that one lucky winner will get mailed to them :D

Thanks so much in advance! Hopefully Ana will get enough donations and will be able to do the project. I’ll be sure to post it when she’s done!

Hi Sysy,

Sounds like an interesting project! I'd still hesitate to send used strips. Anyone doing so should be aware of the USPS regulations here - see section f.

section d says this:Typically, exempt human specimens are specimens for which there is a low probability that the sample is infectious, such as specimens for drug or alcohol testing; cholesterol testing; blood glucose level testing; prostate-specific antigens (PSA) testing; testing to monitor heart, kidney, or liver function; pregnancy testing; and testing for diagnosis of noninfectious diseases such as cancer biopsies. Exempt human or animal specimens are not subject to regulation as hazardous materials but must be packaged according to 346.326.

And it has to be packaged a ceertain way, which is greatly dedtailed in jetpups post. Although I pick up my own used test strips, I would not want to touch anyonelse's. I guess I am just phobic, but it sounds kind of strange to me.
I personally do not want to SEE bloody test strips in mass .. Maybe it will be artistic,profound and soul stirring, but I am unsure....??

Not tryng to disourage Ana's artistic proclivities, but can she do something with clean test strips? I would donate about 10-12.

God bless,

god bless

Wow thanks everyone for bringing up some really important concerns! I will pass on this info to my sister and we'll research about it. She was planning on using a sterile space and gloves and all that but regardless, the points brought up are very good ones to consider. I will investigate and get back to you all who are willing to donate your used strips in the case we can legally do so. If not, thanks for your support!

Curious to hear what you find with further research Sysy ;)

Ok, so you all are right, this is a bad idea! Ana will be doing something different, we certainly don't want to break any rules or anything! We're still going to have a drawing for a prize. I'm entering everyone who offered to send strips AND everyone who offered some advice and information, too, because it's all SO appreciated! I will do the drawing soon and let the winner know :D Thanks everyone!!!

Sysy, thanks for your attitude about this! Now I'm on pins and needles waitig to see what she'll come up with instead ;)