What do you feel guilty about eating?

I feel so guilty!!! I just had about 8 gummie bears. This is something I have never done before. They just looked so good! I thought I wasn’t going to be able to stop eating them. Has this ever happneded to anyone else with ANY type of food? Of course, I bolused an extra 5 units of Novlog to cover me! I’m so bad!!

In the first few months I was dxd I had many splurges. They were worse than yours and at that time I was on a single shot per day.

My down fall are Jolly Joes. Sugar, fake flavor and color, Yummy!

You can buy sugar free gummies…They are great!

Right after diagnosis, I was afraid to eat anything. Then again, we’re talking about metabolic syndrome before they had a name for it, and I had some very severe sodium restrictions as well…

I pretty much feel guilty, no matter what I eat.

Eggs…those poor things never even had a chance to become chickens :frowning:

Dino, too funny!


I don’t feel good about eating anything. I eat pasta and breads and I still have my sweets. I just make sure that I don’t eat too much of it and take the appropriate amount of insulin and test more often. I love food too much to give up the foods I love. So I just cut down the amounts I eat


If I go one tbl spoon over, I feel like I’ve messed up. Then other days it doesn’t bother me.

I never thought about sugar-free gummie bears. For some reason, these gummie bears sounded soooo good and I ate them. I must admit, just like the rest of you, I feel guilty about eating ANYTHING, BETTER YET, EATING AT ALL. I’m not sure where this guilty feeling came from but I do have it. BUT…the other day, I also had some Pillsbury Flakey biscuts (2)…they were so good. I have not had those in about 5 years… Do you guys think I’m out of control? Be honest…I’ve been so good with my choices and portions of food…I just don’t know what got into me last week!

I feel guilty when I eat anything with sugar in it. (which is rare). Unfortunatly being a Type 2 I can’t adjust my insulin to compensate for it. (not on insulin yet).

oops i meant i don’t feel guilty eating anything lol

See, that’s the strange thing about me eating the gummie bears yesterday, I don’t normally eat sweets. I just don’t want sweets (normally). I would rather have veggies, but for some reason yesterday, I just went nuts! ! ! There are times (not often) that I will cut loose and eat more than one piece of bread or something like that but as I said, that’s not often. I just feel guilty about eating.

I don’t think you are out of control at all. Every now and then, it’s ok to splurge

Carol, how long have you had this fear? While it’s something perfectly normal when we’re trying to establish control, it can also lead towards unhealthy eating behaviors such as anorexia nervosa. Please be aware and willing to discuss with doc, CDE, if you are eating <1200 cal/day average

For me I was never a big sweets person, but for some reason I crave them sometimes after being told they were bad for me… I now realize though that I can eat whatever I want, I just have to focus more on the portion size. I am a type 1 and exercise regularly and have pretty good control of my bs.

2 biscuits in 5 years? I don’t think you are out of control, I think your subconscious just really, really wanted some warm flaky goodness. Treating yourself once in awhile is healthy, I don’t care what anyone says. It sounds like you really work hard at watching what you eat to the point that guilt is getting to you. Since depression and diabetes go hand in hand, talk to your doctor about what you are feeling in regards to food. Just an idea…

Once in a while a little extra novolog can be fun. Or a lot of extra novolog…either way :slight_smile: