What do you have your low and high numbers set for?

What do you have your low and high numbers set for on your CGM? The CDE suggested low as 80 and high as 250. I am thinking of changing my high to 180 so I can catch my highs quicker and fix them. She set these numbers in this range so the alarms would not make me bonkers. Thinking of changing my number range for the day and having them set to her suggestion for over night.

What are your numbers?

Hi Karen,
I started with my numbers at 80 and 180, and was OK with that, but only just OK. I wanted a little tighter control, especially on the high side. I have been gradually moving my setting on the high side down. I started with 170, then, a week later, 150, and now I am at 140. I believe I will stay with this high alarm setting for now.
On the low side, I have settled on 70 as my low alarm number. This is a simple matter of personal preference. Some people do not like the annoyance of being alerted so often. I don’t mind it because I believe I am achieving tighter control.
One more thing: I have the alarm rate set for the low alarm at 20 minutes between potential alarms; and for the high alarm a one hour setting between alarms. In this way, I know that I am definately low when I get an alarm -and cancel it without looking at it- and than in twenty minutes I am alarmed again. (If I am over 140 and get an alarm it would be potentially another hour before I would be alarmed again.) Thus I can tell the alarms apart even without looking.
Just some ideas for you to consider.

I like Karen’s advice. I’m brand new to the CGMS world, so I’m browsing through all these threads. I started off with 70 as my low and 220 for my high. I’d like to gradually bring down the high number as my control gets tighter and tighter.

Kerri, who has a fantastic blog by the way, just started using a CGM and has been blogging about the settings she uses. http://sixuntilme.com/ She’s also on TuDiabetes somewhere, so you could probably send her a message directly.

I have my Dexcom Seven at 160 and 70. I started out with the low at 60, but ran into too many hypoglycemic episodes. Unless I am totally out of whack (like over-carbing after a hypoglycemic fit) I am able to keep my SD at less than 1/3 of the mean. The literature says this is extremely difficult for a Type 1, but it is manageable!

I set my lows to 90 and my high 200 on my CGM… But I’m thinking about changing my high number to 180 instead of 200…

I have mine at 80 and 180 , sometimes the 80 drives me crazy at night if I am hovering 75- 80 while sleeping Im fine with that but the CGMS is not …alrarms at night drive me crazy .