What do you plan to do for awareness in November?

I have been thinking about asking this question for a while now. It is important that we do our share in spreading education. With a cooperative effort we can make this a November to Remember! November is a time to bring information to the general public. Diabetes does not have the publicity and marketing machine like breast cancer and AIDS when it should. Per the ADA website more people die with diabetes than breast cancer and AIDS combined. I feel really bad about this. We will have to do a grassroots effort to get the word out about our disease and lifestyle.

I have made a list of ideas on how to spread education and awareness to non diabetics, children and pre-diabetics etc. Some people will listen and some won't. The important thing is the information is there for them.


  • Write an article about your experiences and send it to a local magazine or newspaper. if you have a diabetic child encourage them to write about their experiences and do the same thing.

  • explain the differences between Type 2, Type 1.5,and Type 1. Lots of people don't know including some diabetics.

  • Use twitter and Facebook to reach out to others that are non diabetic. Use hashtags that you have not used for diabetes and spread a factoid.
  • Something i do is twitter lots of celebrities about diabetes. send a factoid or ask if hey have a diabetic in the family.

  • Ask your local church or religious place to print diabetic factoids in Sunday church bulletins.

  • At work ask them to post diabetic or nutrition factoids on thebulletin board. Provide them with the information and references.

  • Put signs on telephone poles/bookstores/coffee shop in your neighborhood with diabetic and nutrition factoids.

  • Go to your children’s school and inquire about the nutritional value in the school lunches.

  • Ask local media television and radio to articles about diabetes. PSA (public service announcements) are free on the radio (last I remembered)

  • Call your local alderman, supervisor, councilman, representative, PTA, congressman and find out what they are doing for diabetes awareness.

  • Create a support local group and have a meeting. As we know support is very important.

  • Go to any diabetic clinics or hospitals and let then know about the diabetic online presence. (diabetic community blogs, personal blogs, informative diabetic news sites) most of these folks don’t have clue. Make flyers and leave them if possible.

  • If department stores and grocery stores are doing things for breast cancer ask if they are doing anything for diabetes and how can you help.

  • If you have a farmers market in your area, get some fellow diabetes and have a “Ask the diabetic” booth.

  • Teach the children about health food choices.

  • Call up diabetic suppliers (ie, pfizer, merck, medtronic) and ask what are they giving discounts during November???

  • Call up food manufacturers and ask what are they doing for diabetic awareness and do they have diabetic friendly foods. I did this with Lean Cuisine and they constantly send me coupons for there foods. Ask why don’t they have diabetic friendly foods. I am also working with Whole Foods on this too. They Breast Cancer awareness let open their eyes to our awareness.

  • Share supplies with some one. If you have extra test strips and such it could be a big help to some one in need. I am not endorsing prescriptions sharing (you will be on your own with that one)
  • This is just a partial list. I know there are other good ideas too. I want us to share our lives and experiences with others and let people know we are all beautiful.

    Diabetes is a lifestyle not a death sentence.

I like your list. I’m going to ask if I can write up something for our church bulletin.

I have already arranged to speak at the community meeting at my daughters’ school, for just a couple of minutes, and my D daughter and her classmates will sell low-carb popsicles (Dreyer’s) at lunchtime. I’ll send the earnings to JDRF.

Great list, Christalyn!

I’m really excited to be organizing a World Diabetes Day themed Photo Scavenger Hunt in celebration of WDD and Diabetes Awareness Month. It’s something that I’ve had in my mind for a few years now, and I’m so happy it’s finally coming to fruition. We (organizing it through Connected in Motion) thought it would be a great way to not only get people out and active, but to educate the general public (and ourselves, as well!).

We have scavenger hunt items such as:
~ Take a photo with your team ‘educating’ someone about diabetes using one of the educational tools provided in your scavenger hunt kit (we have pamphlets, posters, samples, etc).
~ Take a photo of your team leading at least five people in a physical activity (the more people involved, the more points!)
~ Earn points for each WDD poster you put up (and take a photo of your team with it) in the city! (The more unique/noticeable spots, the more points!)
~ Take a photo of your team with the snack that has the ‘most carbs’ (teams can be creative here)

I could go on and on, but you probably get the ‘picture’ haha (and I don’t want to give all of the clues away)

We’re also working on getting the scavenger hunt list out to all of our friends that can’t make it to the city for the event. That way more people can get involved in their own communities and send us their pictures later! We’ll post our scavenger hunt photo slideshow/video online after the event.

If anyone is interested in joining (taking place in Toronto, Ontario) get in touch!

Thanks again, Christalyn for the list! I might ‘borrow’ some of your ideas for our hunt!!

I plan to get more aware. I’m registered to attend a 10AM-1PM diabetes program at my hospital: Eat Yourself Healthy. There will be a talk by an endo, diabetes vendors with freebies, cooking demonstration, and door prizes. Plus lunch will be provided. Indeed, I like freebies.

that is so awesome!!! Make sure you get lots of pictures and put them up on tudiabetes. I will even put some up on my personal blog. That is the spirit!!!

A scavenger hunt sounds real cool I wish I could join in. I haven’t done something like that in ages. And like you said it is a great way to get involved with the community and to meet new friends!!!

Fabulous idea!

I was never able to take a diabetic class or work with an CDE but I know the knowledge is invaluable…Make sure you share you knowledge with someone that is non-diabetic!!!

Diabetes is a lifestyle not a death sentence.

Thank you for posting that one line. I think if nothing else is learned this coming month about diabetes for diabetics new or old
it is just that line. We are not on death row, anymore than we were the day before we were diagnosed. We face different challenges each day that a person who doesn’t have diabetes, but it doesn’t mean we are going to die…any sooner than the good Lord wants us to. Thank you.

I love the ideas that you’ve listed. Copied them, and we will talk at our diabetic meeting on Thursday about some of them. What ones can we do as a group or as individuals. I particularly like the one about school lunches, but then I am on a mission with school lunch. We have a wonderful coffee house here and I have put up posters in the past, and will do so again…thanks for reminding me, leave post cards on the tables and at the till.

Thanks again, and thanks for reminding us.

This put a smile on my face!!!

postcards, paper biz cards, little tent cards are an excellent idea!! Thanks for reminding me!

I thought of that catch phrase because when i was first diagnosed everything I saw about diabetes was full of woe, or super clinical. I got tired of people always writing about how horrible diabetes is. I had a co worker who had 3rd stage breast cancer and came to work with her wigs, fake lashes, fake brows and looked like a million bucks. You could not tell this woman had been going through chemo every week. I thought if she could go through chemo and look like a million bucks and never complained about how it hurts afterwards who am I to complain. Then it just popped into my mind that this is my new lifestyle… and I am not trying to be dead…

Take lots of pictures of your members and their awareness activities. I would to blog about them on my website…


I just spoke to Barnes and Noble about what they are doing for November. They told me everything comes from corporate. I will be calling corporate tomorrow to inform them of Diabetes Awareness month…

this is awesome!!! I am speaking at a wellness fair at one of the local community colleges. I am making flyer and such. I am really excited. keep up the good work.

I am just going to test in front of people. At work they always ask what am I doing. And then I give them my song and dance about testing.

that is cool. sometimes to freak people out i will shoot up my byetta in a restuarant. I haven’t gotten any back lash from it. Believe no remark would not go unchallenged by me. hahahaha

Two more ideas:

  1. Watching and passing along the Big Blue Test video:
  2. Nov. 14 at 2 pm local time, doing the Big Blue Test:

Another great idea!!

Get a flat sheet from the store and write a diabetic message on it and hang it from the over pass on the interstate, highway etc. I am standing on a busy street corner with a 10 foot sign this weekend and hopefully for the next 2 weekends.

Believe it or not lots of hospitals are not putting up information about Diabetes Awareness in November. Guess who I will be trying to get in contact with?

As you know I have a website, http://brdiabetics.ning.com/ , and trying to get the word out as well with that on Facebook, twitter and other social networks.