Why I am Glad I Have Diabetes. Really!

I have several chronic conditions, autoimmune problems, and organs that are messed up and make me miserable. Still there is no disease that is as humbling as diabetes. It demands respect. In its "bag of tricks" it has the ability to torture you in small ways if you do not cooperate with it. It carries a big gun and you know it will use it if it has to.
It will cut you a break if you listen to it, do its bidding.

I have almost died several time, been on the brink of insanity due to pain, and I have, after 26 years of good times with diabetes, finally passed out and ended up very close to DKA in the ER. I am happy to say that I made it out alive, AGAIN!
What do you think?![|295x350](upload://79qUjPc2cmWoeqldq5jFWppjETj.png)

I'll skip my turn. Thanks! I prefer to avoid all the games with diabetes. Too dangerous. But like you say, it's not always for us to choose.

Did this happen to you lately?

Hi Ellen. This is an interesting post. Let's see, I also have several chronic conditions (all autoimmune). I've also had a brush with death now and again. Diabetes--well, Diabetes is 24/7 and while I'd be happy to get rid of it, don't expect it to happen. I'm not glad I have it, but oddly enough it has shaped my current life. I learned to use a computer to deal with it (a long time ago), gained friends I would not have met, whatever... Last time I was in rehab for a Diabetes problem, one guy said, "It is what it is"--and so it is.

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