What do you think about The Zone Diet?

We tried the diet by the book a year ago, and Manuel’s readings were perfect… I lost weight and felt great, Santiago we full of energy (as usual, he, he) however, after few weeks we started to be more flexible and suddenly (without even noticing) we went back to our regular diet, which is low carb (especially Manuel) but more relaxed.

This morning I decided to go back to it, but fist wanted to know you guys have any ideas and/or experience with it.

Thank you very much,

We’ve been doing THE ZONE since Monday and here are my BG numbers so far:

96 (after breakfast), 100 (before lunch), 191 (mid-afternoon), 116 (before dinner), 61 (after dinner), 194 (bedtime -overcompensated)

161 (AM), 141 (before lunch), 165 (after lunch), 143 (mid-afternoon), 104 (before dinner), 112 (after dinner), 80 (bedtime)

62 (AM), 169 (mid-morning), 99 (before lunch), 177 (after lunch) 63 (before dinner), 78 (after dinner) 97 (bedtime)


Except for a few high points, these seem very consistently good to me (I still need to get the carb, protein and fat count down for a few meals). Besides that, I’ve lost a little over 3 pounds already.

I don’t know how could I have stopped doing this! :slight_smile:

Oh wow, this looks great. I am so out of touch. Is The Zone a book or something I can pick up?

Yes, it is a diet or program by Dr. Barry Sears, Ph. D. They have many books, websites, etc. We got our books used on amazon.

Here is a link to their community, where you can learn a some more. They have a section on diabetes too.


Great! I will check it out!

Can you give me a sample of your meals for a day? What did you eat for breakfast, lunch, and then dinner?

Hi Karen,

I am going to do my best to summarize the most important info of what we have been doing here: We are using their system of blocks to prepare our meals (there is tons on information online), so each block is:

  • 9 grams of carbs
  • 7 grams of protein
  • 3 grams of fat

The idea is that for each main meal: breakfast, lunch and dinner we have a combination of foods that will make:

  • FOR MEN: 4 blocks ( 36 g of carbs + 28 g of protein + 12 g of fat)
  • FOR WOMEN: 3 blocks (27 g of carbs + 21 g of protein + 9 g of fat)
  • FOR KIDS: 2 blocks ( 18 g of carbs + 14 g of protein + 6 g of fat)

In addition you should have 2 snacks of 1 block, so that will be: ( 9 g of carbs + 7 g of protein + 3 g of fat) The snacks are very important to keep you in “the zone”. :slight_smile:

The main idea is that in order to have this combination of food and be satisfied you have to eat lots veggies and fruit and protein low on saturated fats. After few days on the diet, I am not hungry as I was before, and I am eating like half of the carbs. I hope this help.

For more information and recipes please go here: http://www.zonediet.com/tabid/131/itemid/857/Quesadillas.aspx

Just wondering if anyone has losted weight on this diet