What do you think of juicing for diabetes

What do you think of juicing for diabetes?

like juice you drink or steroids?

Like this?

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Well, we do juice for lows. Unless you are juicing green vegetables, with very few carbs, juicing is obviously out. A half cup of juice raises blood sugar 75 points, so hardly healthy for those watching their blood sugars.

I have to say, I’m not a big fan of juices. Fruit juices are inherently high in fructose. Fructose is “useless” for treating a low. Orange juice, perhaps the juice lowest in fructose, is 55% fructose. What is the best treatment for a low? Glucose. Yes, Glucose also called dextrose. It is absorbed by your body directly into your blood stream as blood sugar.

So drop the juices, if you need a liquid, you would be better off just dissolving table sugar in water.

ps. And yes, steroids can raise your blood sugar, but they are a really bad, bad way of treating a low.

I written about that on my blog.... http://diabeticradio.com/?p=1899 . I'm a believer of mosst foods being ok, so long as it is in moderation. However, with juicing, remember that you are usually consuming 3-4x more the glucose you normally would in one sitting.

My opinion is that, juicing should not be an every day thing when it comes to diabetics. It is much better to eat a fruit or vegetable whole. You would not only reduce the amount of sugar, but you will keep the fiber too.