Staying stuck

Has anyone had trouble with your pod becoming loose? I have been using the Omnipod pump for 2 weeks now and have had 3 pods come loose and cause a failure,

I’ve had maybe two since starting in March come loose but I did it and I was able to “fix” it b/f it caused a failure. I used tape or those patches they put over iv sites and it worked just fine.
Good Luck

I use an IV prep before I put the pod on every time. It makes my skin stickier. Do you currently use any skin prep besides alcohol?

Insulet has a pdf with adhesion tips and product suggestions.

So far I have only been using Alcohol wipes. Last night I tried spirit gum which is what the omnipod rep. suggested

I clean the area with an alcohol wipe and I’ve not had any failure of the pod sticking for the 3 days…
Make sure the area is free of oils, soap, etc. I’ve been wearing the pod since May. I was in temps of over 115 degrees this summer while traveling…sweat did not take it off.

Are you hairy in the areas you’re trying to stick the pods i.e. hair on the back of your arms? It may help to shave those (at least use a beard trimmer or hair trimmer to cut them down, rather than having to fully shave w/ a razor).
And as other people have suggested, things like IV prep or Skin-Tac help. And then try immobilizing it with more tape, an adhesive bandage, or a wrap/brace if you’re going to be really physically active…

i always have issues like that! Dont get me wrong tho I still love the pod! I either put liquid bandage between pod and white patch or double sided tape. i will put bandaids on it to stay too

I’ve been on the pod for 3 weeks. I’ve knocked one loose. I ended up getting skin tac wipes…no more problems.

I’ve only had one problem like that. I took a shower 7 hours after I put the pod on and it just slid off while I was showering! I called Omnipod to complain 'cause usually I have to rip half my skin off to remove the things. The service rep told me I was supposed to rub the area with an alcohol swab, let it dry, then rub it with IV-prep, let it dry, then place the pod and make sure to put pressure on the adhesive and make sure it was stuck real well. When I told her that my numerous training sessions had never mentioned that and had actually switched me from alcohol pads swabs to Skin-prep when my skin was going dry she suggested maybe I needed a different kind of pump. Eventually she spoke with her supervisor and gave me an extra one as “a one time thing to keep me as a customer.” I usually have no problem with them but that conversation drove me crazy. I just thought I’d let you know their recommended procedure in case you end up calling it in.

where do you get Skin Tac wipes?? all the suggestions customer support had have I can not find locally.

The Care Giver’s guide says this:
“For optimal adhesion, always clean the site
thoroughly with an alcohol swab to remove all
body oils and lotions, which may loosen the
Pod’s adhesive. Let the site air dry completely;
do not blow on the site to dry it.”

The manual says.
“Use an alcohol prep swab to disinfect the infusion site. Start atthe center of the site and gently rub outward in a circular motion.”

That Customer Service Rep should read her manual and not tell users that we are doing it wrong.

Jeff, approach this like a scientist. Try different things and note the changes. Change soaps and see what that does, then change prep method and so on.
It could be your water. I know that I have gone on vacation and the water in different parts of the country is different. Sometimes I think that the soap will never wash off me or the conditioner will never get out of my hair. If you live in a place like that, it could be your soap and maybe the alcohol is not strong enough. Keep trying.

I use the Skin Tac and still have a pod slide off occasionally. I carry Nexcare first aid tape with me to reattach the loose areas.
I first ordered Skin Tac from the manufacturer but just paced my second order from a site that Janice Cotton (Tu Diabetes member) recommended. You get a discount by listing tudiab7 in the offer code box. I’ll check out the info and get back to you.

You might want to google Skin Tac and compare prices, but I just ordered from Good luck.

I have been on the pod for two weeks and have not had any problem with pods falling off. I think Robin M may have a point. My water is soft and soap and shampoo rinse off cleanly, but I have been places where it feels like I never rinse clean. You may have to clean the area more than once. Good luck with keeping the pods on.

Skin Tac followed by Mastisol dressing adhesive. I don’t have a pod, but my CGM stays on for 2 weeks at a time and I swim and sweat and it stay put. It’s available online from any number of sources. It’s not cheap, but 2 oz. will last for years.

I agree with Robin - sometimes the soap you are using will cause the pod not to stick. Change soaps, follow the directions Robin gave for putting alcohol on and see if that works. We never use anything but alcohol and my kid is a crazy man - he’s running, jumping, rolling, and being crazy all the time and his pods never come off!! Good luck!

Thank you for everyone’s advice My Omnipod rep brought me some of the skin tac and since then I have no Problems.