“Sticking” advice

I’ve been on the Omnipod for about 6 months and really like it. It’s very humid where I live in the summer and I’ve noticed this past month that if I’m really active, the pod adhesive will start to come up and if I’m not extremely careful, I have to replace my pod. I’m worried about swimming in the ocean. Prior to placement of a new pod, I currently just use alcohol to clean the area and wait for it to dry.

What exactly is the IV prep I keep reading about and where can you buy it? Does it make a big difference in the stickiness? Any other suggestions for use with an Omnipod?


I am on MM 722 and the last few days I have had sticking problems as well. I use iv prep, the skin prep and tegaderms and I am still having problems with my infusion sets sticking. I am getting ready to try a liquid adhesive called Mastisol and see how well it works. You should be able to go to a pharmacy and get skin prep or iv prep to use.

the iv preps are alcohol wipes that leave a slightly tacky residue that for some people assists the adhesives you use. I don’t find them paricularly helpful. Someon here suggested using a wipe called Hibistat, it’s alcohol with some other anti bact stuff, and I like them. Also, make sure after using the alcohol or whatever that you let the area air dry before poking yourself. You should not blow on it or fan it dry.

Be careful with that stuff, i used it once and it basically burned my skin! We’re all different so you’ll probably be fine, but just be aware of any burning sensations.

i now use the liquid form of Skin Tac, you can order free samples of it online at their website.

Just to echo Flo, I would try the IV 3000 (the ones that I use are Smith + Nephew brand, 6 x 7 cm). It’s a thin plastic ‘second skin’ that you put on your skin and then you can insert your pod/infusion set through it. I guess that it would help the pod stick when you are swimming and sweating.

I did not find IV prep wipes helpful at all. I’m not convinced that the “stickiness” that they offer after use would last a few days anyway.

Good luck!

IV Prep can usually be purchased through your pump company when you order supplies. I know that both Smiths and Animas sell it and I’m presuming (though it’s a safe presumption) that Minimed does too. There are some online pharmacies where you can buy it also, it is probably cheaper there by quite a bit.
I personally prefer the Skin Prep, which is very similar to IV Prep. Basically it contains less alcohol and more sticky stuff. I’ve tried both the Skin-Tac H and Mastisol. The Skin-Tac gave me a really itchy rash and the Mastisol is SO sticky that it’s hard to remove (but great if you’re swimming for an extended period of time every day).
The IV 3000 pads may be an option too. There’s a whole range of products available out there and it’s more or less personal preference which will work. Here’s a link with a bunch of them in a bit more detail: http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/howto/tapefaq/chp2.htm

Hi Cody,
I followed the advice of some individuals that responded and starting using Skin Tac. Yes, I apply it to the entire site where I will be placing the new pod, including where the cannula enters. It has been working great! Since it’s such a large area to cover with a stronger adhesive, I recommend using De-Solv-It to remove the old pods. Someone else suggested that in a different discussion on Tudiabetes and it works great. Pod removal doesn’t hurt at all, there is no remaining residue, and the product is safe and organic. If you’re interested, you can do a Google search to find out where it is available.

I have used Skin Tac on my pump site for years… and on my cgms site, and just use alcohol wipes to remove the glue…

Hi Bob,
The De Solv It really helps the most with skin irritation from tearing the pods off the skin-tac area. My sites would hurt and stay red and irritated for a long time…and they are pretty large sites from the pod. Alcohol didn’t help with this but with De-Solv-It, I just saturate the area where the pod is while I’m preparing the new one and it practically falls off witn no irritation at all.

Hi Cody,
Walmart didn’t have it where I looked either. I think only some of them carry it. Here is the link to their site.

I recommend calling a few of these places in your area to see if they have it before you go in. I found it at a local TrueValue hardware store in the cleaning section. A lot of smaller hardware stores will be either TrueValue or Ace (even if they are named something completely different.) I’d try there first. You could always order it online if you can’t find anyone who sells it. Good Luck.