Taking off the pod a sticky situation?

Ok, I just spent about 1/2 hour trying to get this adhesive off of my body! I hate to complain because it sure beats the injections but there’s GOT to be an easier way . It’s like it got all gummed up when I was taking it off. It kept rolling off in pieces. Alcohol did NOT help. I hear alot of ppl on here have trouble keeping the pod on -I guess i’m having the opposite effect. I’m sure it has something to do w/skin types, etc.
Any suggestions?

I use skin prep and uni solve by smith and nephew. I have that same thing SOMETIMES, sometimes I don’t have any residue. I am sure if you use unisolve or something that it might help, if you aren’t already.

I have no idea but I wish my pods stayed on that great haha

I’m willing to try anything-thank you!

This is the first time I am writing here. I just got the Omnipod about a weekago.
My trainer has me 1) Wipe the area where I am going to put the pod with alchole.
2) Do a thin swip with NON-SCENTED DEODORANT STICK…
The pod stays on - No Problem - AND - comes off pretty easily.
Sounds crazy - but it’s worth trying.
Works for me!!

My CDE suggested using baby oil - wet a cotton ball with the baby oil, then run the cotton over the adhesive to help it come up easily. It really worked for me - plus it keeps my skin conditioned, not all rough from the previous aadhesive, etc.

Try fingernail polish remover. It worked great on my demo pod. I’m wearing my first pod now. Check out the tips and tricks thread in this group. Just stick with it…Pun intended.

Robin M

Thanks everyone!
I used some Goo be Gone but didn’t know how safe that was for the skin. I’ll try all of your ideas and letcha know which one worked the best!

I wonder what the idea is behind that? Like I said…i’m willing to try just about anything and that sounds like a safe enough idea!

See this discussion we had back in June: http://tudiabetes.com/group/omnipodusers/forum/topic/show?id=583967%3ATopic%3A156536

I find a warm shower to be the most effective removal aid by far; I use the De-solv-it product every once in a while but find it leave more gooey residue behind than without it (but with less skin pain/irritation), so its a trade-off.

It is to prevent sweating, if you sweat profusely…

I can’t say enough about skin prep, use it before you use the pod, and after you place the pod, wipe the adhesive with it. When you remove it, use uni-solve to wipe on the adhesive, and it comes right off. Best of all, they are medical products that are designed for exactly that. I bought them at www.americandiabeteswholesale.com both are by Smith & Nephew.

I’ll second the Uni-solve suggestion. I wore the demo pod that Insulet gives out for 3 days. At the end of those 3 days I could pull, twist, bump but nothing would dislodge the adhesive. I took a pad of Uni-solve that was included in the demo box and after 20-30 seconds of going around the adhesive on the pod the pod just came right off.

When I’m taking the pod off, first I loosen the edges. Then I push down on the skin and start from the top of the pod and pull gently well “stretching” (for lack of a better word) the skin so the adhesive starts loosening. I heard something like “desolv” works well. Hope you find a way to helop =)

Ok, thanks! Do they sell that at drugstores or do I have to get it online?

I haven’t found in in drugstores, but it is very cheap and ships fast at www.americandiabeteswholesale.com

Yep, I also got some Uni-solve through American Diabetes Wholesale.