What do you use to keep your Dexacom sensor on the longest?

Everyone knows these sensors are like gold…what adhesive do you use to get the most out of your sensors? Skin prep or dressings? I will be starting the Dexacom with the next week or so, just wanted some input on this from fellow users.


First Kim, i start with a Rubbing Alcohol 90,has a little more alcohol than the basic 70, you buy at the same place walgreens,cvs, walmart…right next to the 70% botttles…but it makes the surface much cleaner, which helps the glue sticking percentage…then i use a very light touch of skin-tac on the surface of my skin…i make sure the skin-tac applicator only has a little on the spongey part…and then apply it very lightly…after that has dried, then i insert the sensor…and then sometimes after the first 7 days, i might apply more skin-tac on top of the Dexcom bandage part…and i have been getting a good 14 days using this method…in fact dex just beeped at me and said i better remove my sensor because the 7 days are over, but i looked at the sensor and it looks it solid…so i am sure i will get another 7 days…my 2cents

I will def have to go buy some of that Rubbing Alcohol. Skin tac…is that expensive. My girlfriend works at a medical supply place nearby…may have her use her discount. lol Does skin tac come in a bottle or wipes?

I would like to know if anyone coveres their sensor completly, and if that works. I tried taping around the outside of the sensor, over the original adhesive and this caused the sensor to pull away from the original adhesive. The manual says not to tape over or cover the sensor but I was wondering if anyone had tried it and what theor results were.


One friend told me they use IV 3000 over her son’s. She said she uses nothing the first week and then the IV 3000. And that goes completely over it. I havent tried it yet. But I think I might. She gets 2 weeks out of her sensors.

You can only clean the skin with alcohol–do not use skin prep wipes. I usually get one solid week with the sensor alone, nothing additional. After about 1 week, I prep the area again around the sensor and apply 4 cut strips of Hypafix. Hypafix dressing retention sheets comes in rolls. I have the 2 in roll. It is the same material as the sensor adhesive. It holds the sensor very well as by the end of the first week the edges of the sensor dressing are lifting a bit.

Skin-Tac comes in a bottle ($25)…but the bottle will last you 5 years or more, because you dont use that much of it, it comes with a sponge applicator, and make sure you try to squeeze the sponge to the side of the bottle before removing it from the bottle…this helps so you are not spreading a ton of this on your body…takes a little practice but the expense of the bottle, is worth it…looking at some of the other posts…after 8 days on this current sensor and it still looks good, i probably will not try to add tape over this sensor…i might try to add some more Skin-Tac in about 2 or 3 days from now when the edges of the Dexcom bandage start to come up…the tape i have to but over the Dexcom bandage is called NexCare, it comes in a roll and you must cut a square hole in the middle and then apply it so the square hole alllows the dexcom to come out and then this tape just covers the dexcom bandage…i have only done it once and it worked okay in holding the sensor in place…but not to much experience…This NexCare bandage cover is similar to the old Dexcom cover and is meant for athletic people in keeping there cuts and bandages covered, i think the product is very good, but since i only used it once, dont know…i forget how much it cost, but not that expensive…remember glue for anything only works when the surface is clean, that is why the 90alcohol is best to clean the surface

Thank you everyone! I will def try all these. My son is definately a sweater! So my goal is to get 2 weeks out of these sensors. We havnt recieved the dexacom yet. It’s due to come this week. So I’m sure I will have a ton of questions as well. Thanks so much!!


I am really liking using a Bands for Life armband over my transmitter. No itching (like I get with any kind of tape) and no peeling.