What does all these symptoms mean

What does it mean when you are thirsty as can be crave sugar and frequently urinating all the time, vomiting and diarrhea?

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Last week I was visiting my grandmother in the hospital while i was there i got really thirsty i went through 17 juices in one setting after the juices i felt faint, start sweating profusely, got shaky, and started vomiting went to the emergency room downstairs and nothing was done. A close friend of mine checked my sugar the day before and it said HI i told the emergency room this and they said im not diabetic i still feel like this what could be the problem

You have all signs of diabetes. It is most likely that you have T1 diabetes. The sour smell could indicate that you are in a state of diabetic ketoacedosis (DKA). Please go to the ER as soon as possible.

You really need to get yourself to the ER. What you describe are classic symptoms of untreated diabetes.

please do not hesitate to go to the ER.

It seems that you have all symtoms of diabetics.


Please go to ER ASAP! Good luck and keep us posted!

Ummm… It means you’re NOT a non diabetic. Intake of table sugar does not cause Diabetes, and when consumed sensibly, it does not spike blood sugar to crazy high levels. It’s the excess consumption of carbohydrates, of any kind… sugar is just another carbohydrate. What exactly did you eat, anyway? Like Tom said, you really should have gone to the ER… and you still should – to prevent further severe/dangerous issues from developing… Like Holger mentioned.

Seek immediate medical help… proceed to the nearest ER.

Honestly does sound like your a Type 1. Like the other’s here say go to the ER and tell them what’s going on!

Yes, as all said a non-diabetic would NEVER have a reading that high, even if they had just eaten an entire cake. Mine was around 500 when I was dx, and I was 30. You need to get medical treatment asap. I don’t want to scare you, but if you do not get help, your life could be immediately threatened by coma or death.

No question you need medical attention. A sugar of 423 is a seriously high number and is no where near normal. It will all make more sense later.

I highly recommend reporting back here what the docs tell you because docs often misdiagnose between the two main types of diabetes. The less common Type 1 diabetes seems a real possibility here.

Glad you had a friend with a meter to help.

Hope you’re doing ok & went to the ER. Please let us know how you’re doing.

I hope you take everyones advice and go to the Doctor. You may even feel like your doing fairly well right now but eventually you will feel quite bad and it can happen very fast. I very nearly died the night I was diagnosed. Don’t let that happen to you!

Probably getting treatment. This person posted at 2am this morning!

I hope you listened to everybody and took yourself to the ER

Ever since then my blood sugars been normal but still been sweating, thirsty and urinating more than usual. Don’t no whats going on going to doctor on the 13th of April

How often are you testing to know you’re normal?

And what do you consider normal, is my next question…

Waiting can be dangerous. Even if your blood sugars are normal now, the fact that you EVER went up to 423 suggests that you have diabetes. I would not consider this a false high reading because you have many symptoms of diabetes. I hope that you are getting medical help now and that you keep us posted on how you are doing.

There is a family of people living with diabetes here to offer you support!

What are you considering “normal” for your blood sugars?

I agree with everyone else, a blood sugar of 400+ is extremely high and someone without diabetes would never experience anything even close to that. Combined with your symptoms, it’s very likely that you have diabetes, but without knowing which type (type 1 or 2) there’s no way of knowing whether there’s any immediate danger.

I wouldn’t wait two weeks to see a doctor, personally. But if you do wait, be sure to go to Emergency immediately if you start to feel nauseated, throw up, or have trouble breathing or staying awake. DKA can be fatal and is not something to mess around with.

Good luck, and please keep in touch here and let us know what happens.

yes, go to the ER. The smell is actually a symptom of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) and that is a very serious issue. If you don’t feel comfortable driving yourself, please dial 911