"What every person with diabetes should know about lipohypertrophy", but can it be permanent?

So this year I’m trying to be more diligent with infusion set site care/rotation. I found this post and thought it’s worth sharing.


After reading the article I searched around on here to learn more and came across this old posted question:

The article says that LH should go away after a few months, but this post makes it sound like it could be pertinent. Does anyone else have experience with permanent lipohypertrophy? or is this some other skin problem?

I don’t have direct experience. But I asked that same question to our CDE who is T1D. She told me that most lipohypertrophy resorbs after a few months, but that some severe cases can be permanent.

Whether she is right or not I cannot vouch for.

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Depends on what you mean with the term specifically, but sure,

Only so much real-estate to use, no matter how well you rotate it, after decades and decades I believe that it’s entirely likely.


I had some lipohypertrophy (hard lumps) when doing R/NPH mixed injections many years ago. I had a favorite spots on my abdomen which developed some lumps and that was a lot of insulin all going in all at once. Since switching to MDI (smaller doses) and being more careful about site rotation the problem eventually went away.

I am going to try a pump soon so I have a healthy fear of the problem returning and my memories of this will hopefully motivate me to do a good job rotating sites.

The best way to avoid lipohypertrophy when using a pump is to change sites no more than every 3 days.

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Well, I guess I’ll be hoping to put it off for as long as possible…still need to get 35-45 years out of this body!

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im on mdi and i sometimes get little months but they will go away after a couple of weeks. they are really gross. i have had a couple of dreams about having big massive ones on my stomach.

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Dreams or nightmares? Sounds like a nightmare to me :worried: