"What has TuDiabetes done for you?" - a call for videos

This is a call to those members who have video cameras to please take a bit of time to share what TuDiabetes has done for you and post it here in the community. We would like to get some video testimonials of what has been the impact that the community has had in your lives: whether you are exercising more, eating healthier, having better overall control over your diabetes -we want to hear about it.

well Manny,since I joined your wonderful group,I tell my patients about this group and how they contol their diabetes to enjoy life,A1c:7 is a goal to reach ,that is the required aim for children and for myself I try to do more exercise to avoid having type2 diabetes myself.
This site is intellectual with all these discussions and there is lots of art and beauty there.Thanks to you Manny.